View from Stratosphere Las Vegas

View from Stratosphere Las Vegas
View from Stratosphere Las Vegas  Image: Nicola Since 1972 (flickr)

Many hotels on the Las Vegas Strip claim to have some of the best views in town, but without a doubt the view from Stratosphere Las Vegas takes the gold. In fact, the Stratosphere is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the country, stretching up to 1,149 feet. What does that mean for hotel guests? Incredible views of the Las Vegas skyline, both by day and at night.

There are a few ways to enjoy the Stratosphere Las Vegas at night. Those who are slightly afraid of heights might be drawn to the indoor observation deck. From here, you can see all the views with the safety of large angled windows between you and the ledge. This observation deck is also air-conditioned, which appeals to many visitors who want to see the view during the day.

There are other ways to experience the view from Stratosphere Las Vegas as well. The outdoor observation deck is for more adventurous visitors, not only for the views, but also because this is the location of the Stratosphere’s famous death-defying rides. Whether you decide to climb aboard a ride or not, the views from here are stellar.

One last option for views from the Stratosphere Las Vegas at night is the AirBar. This is the highest bar in Las Vegas and offers the opportunity to toast a signature cocktail while gazing out at the views. Some travelers think that the AirBar is only open by night, but it is also open for daylight cocktails as well. However you decide to see Las Vegas from the Stratosphere, the views will seem out of this world.

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