Surrender Nightclub

Surrender Nightclub, one of the newest and sure to be one of the hottest nightlife spots on the Strip, resonates with high-quality sound and stylish décor at the Encore Resort. Boasting the renowned DJ Steve Aoki as their Friday resident DJ and music director, Surrender Las Vegas promises one of the best music scenes in the city, and if dancing is one of your favorite things to do in Vegas, this is the place to be. Opening up onto the brand-new Encore Beach Club, the nightclub combines its lively unique atmosphere with the oasis-like outdoor venue; as the weather permits, Surrender will open right onto the beach club.

As one of the newest and most fashionable clubs on the Strip, Surrender at Encore offers a trendy setting and plenty of entertainment. Blending mod with traditional draping and pillars, the ultra chic surroundings of the Surrender Nightclub creating an inviting atmosphere, where guests can release their inhibitions and dance the night away or even simply enjoy a low-key evening with friends.

Surrender is open Thursday through Saturday from 10 pm to 4 am, and its 5,000 square feet of space includes an expansive bar, funky décor, a glass DJ booth, and unusual lighting designed to complement the club’s personality. VIP booths are available, and Surrender promises an upscale evening out. If you’re celebrating a bachelorette party or other special event, this might be the perfect place to be—the club also promises excellent bottle service.

One of the best aspects of Surrender Las Vegas is its location adjacent to the daytime hot spot, the Encore Beach Club. Guests of the Encore Resort can spend their days lounging in the pools or cabanas at this club, which is open until 7 pm, seven days a week, giving you just enough time to shower, get dressed to the nines, and head out for dinner at the refurbished SWITCH restaurant at the Encore before hitting the club. Even the restaurant blends into the club, since as part of its recent refurbishing, the back wall has been removed and replaced with glass so diners can see into the Surrender Nightclub.

Encore, adjoining the Wynn Resort by way of a shopping complex, is modeled after the original Wynn structure and shares several amenities and facilities. Because of this, guests and visitors can make the best of both properties without the need to head outside into the desert heat. The luxury and opulence of Encore is unique, however, with its plush contemporary surroundings and plenty of high-class amenities, and if you’re seeking some of the best clubs on the Strip, this is the place to be.

The nightclubs at the Encore and Wynn complex are known for their quality, with other famous ones include XS, Tryst, and Blush, and each provides its own distinctive clubbing scene. XS encircles an island pool, Tryst caters to couples and small groups with a romantic environment and cozy places to site, and Blush combines sophistication with an outdoor space.

Surrender’s addition to the group of the Encore clubs on the Strip brings the nightlife at the resort to a new level. With chic amenities, trendy music, and a fashionable crowd, guests of Surrender Las Vegas can do just as the name describes: surrender to the music, surrender to dance, and surrender to the energy of this sophisticated nightlife spot on the Strip. It offers a night out you won’t soon forget.

Image: Russell MacMasters
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