Playboy Club Las Vegas

The Playboy Nightclub at Palms has closed. Please check out our list of other Las Vegas Night Clubs and Las Vegas bars.

The Playboy Club Las Vegas is the newest addition to the Palms Hotel and Palms Nightclub Las Vegas. The Playboy Club Las Vegas opened in October of 2006 and looks to be reminiscent of the Playboy Clubs of the past. The Playboy Club at the Palms promises to bring beautiful girls, classy nightlife and great cocktails together in one spot for the many guests of Las Vegas throughout the year.

The Playboy Club Las Vegas will be located at the Palms Casino Las Vegas Fantasy Tower and will be the first Playboy Club to open in 25 years. In the past, Playboy Clubs were popular in large cities such as New York, but the Playboy Club at the Palms Nightclub Las Vegas will be the only club to find Playboy Bunnies serving up cocktails and entertainment.

In addition to the Playboy Palms Nightclub Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Fantasy Tower will also host a casino, lounge, and its own night club called, "Moon". A Playboy Club retail store and the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Las Vegas will also be located in the Fantasy Tower. Guests will have a chance to not only make an overnight stay at the Palms Resort, but enjoy all of the entertainment offered in the Fantasy Lounge. However, you don't have to be a guest to get in on the fun; the Playboy Fantasy Tower will of course be open to the public.

The signature bunny ear silhouette adorns the top of the Fantasy Tower, and the idea will be to allow guests to feel that they are attending a Playboy party. Girls dressed in the famed bunny suit (with matching ears, of course) will act as bartenders and cocktail waitresses. Entertainment will include everything from fashion and beauty shows to poker tournaments. Playboy themed entertainment will abound in the Fantasy Tower.

Currently, the Palms Resort is home to the popular nightclubs Ghostbar and Rain will only become more popular once the Playboy Club and Fantasy Tower have been added. However, while Ghostbar and Rain tend to be on the loud side, the concept of the Playboy Club will be elegance and a hip feeling. Expect drinks to be priced as high as any of the classiest Vegas clubs in the lounge and nightclub area. In the casino, you will get the same sort of free drink service you've come to expect from all of the other casinos in Vegas; namely, sit and gamble for long enough and you will be offered a free drink. Don't forget to tip!

So whether you plan to stay at the Palms resort as a guest or simply visit one of the great nightclubs, the Playboy Club at the Palms promises to offer great entertainment and drinks complemented by the lovely sight of a Playboy Bunny mixing your cocktail. Look for the bunny ears atop the Fantasy Tower on the Strip. For transportation, check to see if your hotel offers a free shuttle along the Strip or to various location along the Strip. If not the new monorail that parallels the Strip provides easy hop-on and hop-off access.

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