Las Vegas Travel Tips

Las Vegas makes it easy for you: few cities (if any) are so completely tourism based. Thus, navigating the clusters of lights and crowds of gamblers is usually pretty easy for the average tourist, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any Las Vegas travel tips that are good to know.


Any casino you venture into will have a fairly similar array of games available. Pros tend to drift towards the downtown and Fremont areas of the city, so it's probably best to avoid those if you are going to be playing poker. The Bellagio has one of the nicest layouts, though you probably won't be able to get a low limit blackjack game on a busy night. The Excalibur is often a little less crowded at that side of the strip – the same goes for the Sahara on the northern edge. The best sportsbook is located at Caesar's Palace.

Families in Vegas

Though the city is shedding its family friendly image just a little bit, there is still plenty for children to do, from Gameworks Las Vegas to the arcade and shows at the Excalibur. Circus Circus is still pretty enjoyable for children, and a good way to keep costs down as one of the last bastions of cheap Las Vegas travel.

Getting Around

Las Vegas is a fairly walkable city, as long as you stick to the strip. And while walking from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere is hardly advisable, you can usually get around to the nearby casinos with little problem. If you plan to stay on foot, one Las Vegas travel tip is to make as much use of the free monorail services amongst the hotels on the southern end. Everyone else uses rental cars or taxi cabs – the former can be a bit unnecessary, unless you are planning on heading to the Grand Canyon or Grand Coulee Dam, as taxis are a fairly cheap Las Vegas travel option.

Safety Precautions

Inside the casinos, the constant presence of police and security, not to mention millions of video cameras above the floor makes crime virtually non-existent while indoors in Vegas. The strip itself is equally trustworthy, though occasional pickpockets scour the crowds. Once you leave the well-lit areas of the strip, however, walking throughout the city can be a little sketchier, especially if you are alone near the less populated hotels like the Stratosphere or Bally's and in the areas of the gentlemen's clubs. You should probably get a cab.


Everyone in Vegas wants a tip. Don't be shy, and don't try to do that thing where you slip a bellhop or doorman a dollar with a handshake. Unless you've practiced, you're just going to look stupid. For most services a dollar or two is acceptable, though if you really want to impress the staff, toss them a $10 or $20. They'll remember you.

Cheap Las Vegas Travel

One Las Vegas travel tip everyone knows is where the discount rooms are. The Imperial Palace is currently the capital of budget lodgings, while the Tropicana and Excalibur offer a good mix of quality and value.


Bet a lot. And make sure to ask. One myth of Las Vegas is that winners get comped. But not unless you ask – and assuming you are playing for high enough stakes. Each hotel has a different limit that leads to free meals, hotel rooms and other benefits. Again, if you are playing $100 hands of blackjack, you won't have to worry. Casino staff will find you. For everyone else, though, drop a hint to your dealer and see what the story is.


Remote check-in is a fairly new feature in many Vegas hotels. Guests at Bally's, Hilton, Paris, New York New York, Caesars, Flamingo or the MGM Grand can check in at McCarran airport. If you really want to get to the tables, this Las Vegas travel tip can save you precious minutes. You can also take advantage of the late checkout option, if you have a late flight out of the city. It's a small fee (and every hotel is more than happy to watch your stuff for you at the baggage desk), but if you really want to sleep in, this Las Vegas travel tip is a necessity.

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