Vdara Penthouses

Vdara Penthouses
Vdara Penthouses

The Vdara penthouses definitely figure among the most exclusive suites on the Vegas Strip. Masterfully modern in design, these chic penthouses offer just about every imaginable comfort, not to mention plenty of room to stretch out in. Like all of the rooms at the all-suite Vdara Hotel, the penthouses are hard to find fault with, which is one of the reasons why you'll do especially well to book one of these accommodations gems the next time you're in town.

When you're not out visiting the Vegas casinos or taking in one of the many Vegas shows during your stay at the Vdara Hotel, staying in and taking advantage of the amenities is always a welcome proposition. The Vdara penthouses offer all of the amenities that the other suites have to offer, and these amenities include things such as a fully-equipped kitchen, huge picture windows, and a fully-stocked mini bar. The penthouses at Vdara Hotel Vegas also offer some added amenities that some of the other suites don't, and these include laundry facilities and "spa-style" soaking tubs.

When you go to book a penthouse at Vdara, you can choose a one or two-bedroom unit. Your penthouse can also be either a one-story or a two-story unit. Book a two-bedroom, two-story penthouse at Vdara, and you'll enjoy no less than 1,447 square feet. As for the one-bedroom, two-story Vdara penthouses, they come in at an also impressive 948 square feet. The other options include the one-story, two-bedroom penthouses, which are 1,316 square feet in size, and the one-story, one-bedroom units, which are 885 square feet. You'll be hard pressed to find other penthouse suites in Vegas that offer as much as the penthouses at Vdara Hotel Vegas. Consider the fact that the Vdara Hotel can be found in the heart of CityPlace, and these penthouses only become more attractive.

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