Vinnie Favorito

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Show Type:
Comedy Show

Flamingo Showroom
Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
3555 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

Vinnie Favorito is one of the most respected comedians in Las Vegas, not only because he’s incredibly funny, but because he gets up on stage every single night, without compromise, and without a script to reference whatsoever. Now that’s stand-out talent in a city that is filled to the brim with talented comedians and performers of all types comprising the best Las Vegas shows around. The Vinnie Favorito Flamingo comedy show illustrates Favorito’s excellent memory and sure-fire quick wit. Without a single word or teleprompter to refer to, audience members know they’re in for a genuinely funny, and original show every time.

The Las Vegas comedy show at Flamingo Las Vegas stars the Italian Bostonian who is quick as a whip and known to all as a classic roaster; one who loves picking on others for the sake of a laugh, not in a malicious way though. Vinnie Favorito relies on the crowd every night to feed him inspiration for all of his jokes, which aren’t always for the faint hearted. The Vinnie Favorito Flamingo show proves this performer has innate comedic genius that sets him apart from any other Las Vegas comedy show. He’s well-known for his side-splitting roasts of celebrities like Jerry Springer, Tom Arnold, and Larry King to name a few. He does make a point of telling his audience that he doesn’t stereotype in real life and that everyone is equal in his eyes no matter race, age, education, or status. He aims to find the bright side of life, no matter what his jokes focus on, and he does emphasize that he is just joking.

Vinnie Favorito bases many of his jokes on common stereotypes. The other bits he takes directly from the audience and information he receives by talking to people in the crowd. His popular bits begin by asking basic questions of certain crowd members and then transforming their answers into hilarious jokes that even the they can laugh at. With plenty to laugh at but no truly offensive material, Vinnie Favorite Flamingo tickets always sell out so be sure to make advanced reservations to enjoy a night or classic Las Vegas entertainment. The Vinnie Favorito Flamingo show is hosted nightly at 8 p.m.

Artist Biography

Vinnie Favorito grew up in inner-city Boston, one of the toughest places to grow up as young kid in the United States. Instead of balled-up fists, Vinnie fought the bullies back with his sharp tongue and quick wit. He admits he talked himself, and others, out of dozens of scary situations. From there, poking fun at others just came naturally, and unbeknownst to him, Favorito was on his way to stardom. Favorito began performing professionally in 1985 as a stand-up comedian. Favorito’s very first Las Vegas comedy show was at Binion’s Horseshoe, where he was the very first headliner of a comedy show there in 1986. He headlined in dozens of clubs all along the East Coast. In the later 1990s he made a decision to move to L.A. to advance his career and began hitting the big-time there. Since then he’s performed at such venues as Comedy Central and the Improv Comedy Club. Today, he is a renowned celebrity roaster and celebrated improv comic.

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