Best Month to go to Vegas

The best month to go to Vegas is depends on what you want to avoid—summers are extremely hot, winters can bring unexpected cool spells and pool closures, and big events and holidays can bring unexpected crowds. Las Vegas has a steady flow of tourists throughout the year. If you are planning to travel to Las Vegas, it is more a question of what you are planning to do when you arrive. There are exhibitions, conferences, major concerts, and performances almost all the time here, so picking when to go is quite a personal choice.

Best Month to go to Vegas
Best Month to go to Vegas

If you want to avoid hot weather during your Vegas visit, visit between October and April. While the days may still be warm during fall, winter, and spring, they are much cooler than during the summer. Do be aware, though, that evenings can get quite chilly so do travel with a jacket. Also be aware that during the winter, most Las Vegas pools shut down. So if you are planning a winter getaway and hoping for some fun in the sun, Las Vegas is not necessarily the place to go. On the flip side, if you want to enjoy pool parties galore, do look to travel here in the spring and summer and early fall. The sun is out, the weather is hot, and so is the action in Sin City.

If you want to avoid crowds during your visit, some research is in order. Las Vegas is a town known for hosting large conventions. Finding out if there is a giant convention in town can be as simple as cruising travel forums or even calling one of the Strip hotels. Several hotels have convention centers, including Mandalay Bay, and there is the large Las Vegas Convention Center located not far from Wynn. Although it may at first seem like a complete impossibility, Las Vegas hosts hundreds conferences of one kind or another every single week. When the largest of these descend upon Sin City, most of the major hotels in the city will be booked and you can expect to pay top dollar, even if you have made your plans in advance (it is highly likely whatever conference has made their plans well before you). In this event, you have the option of exploring other guest accommodations that are not necessarily located right downtown or on the Vegas Strip. Another option is to stay at one of the older casino hotels that are not quite as popular as they may have at once been, because of how many new structures have been built.

Choosing times of the year when crowds in general are at a low point is an art form. Often the week after a popular long weekend (such as Labor Day) will see a big drop in crowds here as many jet off to Vegas for the holiday rather than directly afterward. But Las Vegas is rarely devoid of crowds. If avoiding crowds is your aim, it is more prudent to stay away from the city during holidays or conventions.

One thing is for sure—there are deals and vacation packages to be had almost all of the time. As a general rule, it is more affordable to travel to Las Vegas during the week. If you are planning to spend time enjoying the sun, casinos, and entertainment, you do not have to be there on the weekend to do so. You will pay significantly less if you plan your travel days between Sunday and Thursday. Also, you should remember that Las Vegas turns and burns millions of tourists each and every year. With the right advance planning and a good vacation package, you should be able to stay at a top-notch hotel for between $100 and $150 per night, and far less if you are flexible about where you stay. The Luxor and Excalibur are older properties located right on the Strip that often offer fantastic deals.

In Las Vegas, it all depends on what is going on in the city whenever you are traveling. A hotel room that costs less than $100 can rise over 400% during busy times. Whenever you choose to travel, be sure to plan as far in advance as possible.

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