Las Vegas Hotel Wedding

Anything can happen in Vegas. That's the beauty of the place. Trips to Sin City are what dreams and memories are made of, so why not allow one of the most important days in your life to take place there? You'll certainly outdo all your friends' Vegas stories, if nothing else. Lovers have historically flocked to Las Vegas in order to tie the knot, and Las Vegas hotel wedding chapels have long been there to accommodate all kinds of different styles of weddings. This kind of versatility is one of the main reasons a hotel wedding in Las Vegas can be so desirable - plus you can also combine your wedding and honeymoon into the same vacation.

Adaptation is a key element to the tourist industry here - Vegas is well known for making things easy, and making things big. So a hotel wedding in Las Vegas can run the gamut from low-maintenance ceremony to one that is mind-blowingly gigantic and overdone. Every hotel is equipped for either public display, so a Las Vegas hotel wedding chapel can be arranged for exactly what you need. Not to mention that every casino comes equipped with a cadre of professional planners and consultants, easing the burden on the couple and allowing them to have a little fun with their marriage plans.

As you can imagine, the more expensive hotels offer the more opulent weddings. A hotel wedding in Las Vegas located in the Wynn or Caesars is arguably the best you can do, and will cost a hefty sum. Considering it's the most important day of your relationship, however, going big is expected. So holding your ceremony at a Las Vegas hotel wedding chapel might not be as unaffordable as you think. As always, though, prices vary greatly with the miscellaneous accoutrements of the wedding.

Another popular chapel for a hotel wedding in Las Vegas is the Paris Hotel and Casino, well-loved thanks to its faux-French appeal that resounds with romantics all over the world. The Italian atmosphere of the Venetian acts in a similar fashion, as Europhiles can pretend they are getting hitched in the sexy ambiance of Venice. The Sahara and the Tropicana are also increasingly popular, as they offer meaningful ceremonies at reduced rates. It's hard to spend a weekend at either one without seeing a bridal party traversing the casino floor.

For the most part, however, Las Vegas weddings are well-known for their unconventional nature. The very act of getting married in a place like Las Vegas is unconventional enough, but there are plenty of opportunities to take it to the next level. One of the most famous ways to do so is to be married by an Elvis impersonator, available through the Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel, but can be arranged by most any Vegas wedding planner. Other popular theme weddings are Renaissance style (the Excalibur usually handles these), a holiday-themed wedding (think St. Patrick's Day), or pretty much anything you can dream up. That's what Vegas is for - making your special day just a little more special.

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