Weekend Packages to Las Vegas

With its casinos, nightlife, production shows, and lively atmosphere, Las Vegas is a popular and fun destination for weekend getaways. Whether you're traveling with your family or significant other, on business, or are part of a bachelorette party or birthday group, a great way to travel to Las Vegas for a short stay is by taking advantage of Vegas weekend packages. Not only can you book flights and hotels together through these weekend packages to Las Vegas, but you can also include a variety of entertainment options.

The main type of weekend packages to Las Vegas are those that combine your airfare and hotel stay. You will likely be able to find Vegas weekend packages for nearly all of the hotels on the Strip as well as those nearby, so your first choice should be about what kind of hotel you want to stay at, whether it's a luxury hotel, budget lodging, or accommodations along the Strip. A single hotel will generally offer packages for different types of rooms, so you will have a choice there as well. Hotels often include airport transfers and also offer additional bonuses in their packages, such as a shopping gift card, restaurant credit, gambling credit, or beverage credit to use at the hotel during your stay. Also, when choosing your hotel, bear in mind that admission to hotel nightclubs is often discounted or waived for hotel guests.

If your plan for your Vegas vacation is to stay in the heart of the action at the hotels and casinos on the Strip, you likely will not need a car. However, if you want to explore other parts of the city or state, such as golf courses and state parks, you can choose to include a car rental in your Vegas weekend packages in addition to the airfare and flight.

Attractions are another possible tie-in for weekend packages to Las Vegas. The Las Vegas events and entertainment calendar is packed all year round, so there are many options to choose from, including music and dance productions, magic shows, game shows, and dinner shows. If you want to attend a particular show at a hotel, think about looking for a travel package that offers a discount or that includes a hotel stay at or near the location of the show that interests you.

From couples eloping for a Las Vegas wedding to spontaneous groups of friends looking for a wild weekend, Las Vegas is a popular place for spur-of-the-moment vacations. The Las Vegas hotels know this and encourage last-minute travel, so even if you plan your trip at the eleventh hour, there will still be plenty of weekend packages to Las Vegas available. Particularly if you are looking to save money, a travel package is a very smart way to book at the last minute because it will cut down on the potentially high price of airline tickets.

In the end, whether you plan your Vegas vacation long in advance or the day before your departure, there will be Las Vegas weekend packages at a variety of hotels and targeting all kinds of price ranges, so you can rest assured that you'll be able to find a package to suit you.

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