Blush Nightclub

The Wynn Blush Nightclub at Wynn has closed. Please check out our list of other Las Vegas bars and nightclubs.

The Wynn Las Vegas has been redefining standards in accommodations, decor, expense, and entertainment. La Bete and the Blush boutique nightclub are the two most popular places to enjoy Las Vegas nightlife. General cover price for the Blush nightclub is $30, which will get you access to a dance floor and an outdoor firepit. The atmosphere at Blush is more relaxed, but just as enjoyable. Dress is casual sheek. So clubbers shouldn't wear hats, oversized jeans, anything baggy or athletic wear.

Guests of the Wynn Las Vegas only have to show thier guest card and thier admission is comped by the bar. You'll find the Blush boutique nightclub on the casino floor of the Wynn Las Vegas. The idea of a Blush is to create an energetic, sensual setting that has impeccable attention to detail and design. From the music, to the decor to the staff, Blush nightclub is where celebrities and picky night owls want to spend their nights while they're visiting Las Vegas. The atmosphere here is definitely relaxed, but it is no less thrilling than the other Wynn Hotel Night Club, La Bete.

Party goers understand the hassle and trouble it can be to plan a night of partying, so when you get to sit down, enjoy a great drink, talk and people watch in a one of a kind environment, the evening immediately takes on a more fun, and energetic tone. On the weekends the Wynn Las Vegas draws clubbers from all over the Strip to Blush and the other Wynn Hotel Bars. Here at the Blush nightclub there are resident DJs who'll typically play a mixture of rock, hip-hop and house. Some have dance floors, and some are smaller than others.

There is generally bottle service, and mature crowd that is generally over 25, either Wynn Hotel night club is a relaxed place to enjoy Las Vegas nightlife. What sets apart Blush is the fact that already, it is the place to see and be seen in Vegas. With the couches and tables in the center of the bar, guests can relax as much or as little as they want to. You can enjoy all the activity in the center from the table and booths around the perimeter of Blush. The understated ambience at Blush is unashamedly elegant, while having a relaxed feel that does not require any type of dress code. From the beautiful women to the diaphanous fabrics to the outdoor firepit, you will be truly mesmerized at this Wynn Hotel night club.


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