X Burlesque Las Vegas

Show Type:
Adult Show

Show Location:
The Second City Theater/ Bugsy’s Cabaret
Flamingo Hotel and Casino
3555 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

X Burlesque Las Vegas
X Burlesque Las Vegas

X Burlesque Las Vegas is one of the most finely tuned Las Vegas shows on the Strip, featuring six stunning, professional dancers who combine their talents to create a steamy and memorable show. The X Burlesque Flamingo show is creative and edgy, and stars a cast called the X Girls. The theater seats an intimate 180 people, and is a great venue for this glitzy topless show. It offers the ideal amount of space for this type of show, affording a much more personal feel than some of the large theaters in Vegas. The element of audience interaction is another facets crowds rave about. Venturing out throughout the theater, dancers then perform one of their acts in the center of the theater on a dance pole centered on a stage.

Each of the different vignettes performed in this Las Vegas adult show evoke a specific style of burlesque in its traditional form and each sports a playful, unique name. One of the numbers is a Latin-style vignette called Chica Caliente. Another playful scene is danced to featuring the song "Pink" by Aerosmith. And ironically, the tune "Sweet and Innocent" is the song playing along to a duo in a tub full of bubbles. If that seems like too much to bear in one sitting, don’t worry, the X Burlesque Flamingo show features comics like James Bean and Nancy Ryan in between each of the show’s scenes.

Throughout this sexy Las Vegas adult show, the six female dancers take the audience on a dance through the ages, from slick Go-Go boots and glittery body paint used in a 60s-inspired theme to modern dance numbers with flight attendants entertaining passengers with numbers danced to modern rock music, there are many different eras represented in this all-female topless revue. In X Burlesque Las Vegas, there are many fantasies represented that will let your imagination run wild. X Burlesque Flamingo props include pink feathery boas, lollipops, bathtubs, and even guitars, all used in a high-energy performance that never skips a beat. A little racier than the Vegas show Fantasy, X Burlesque Las Vegas plays nightly inside Bugsy’s Cabaret at the Flamingo. If lucky enough, you might even end up at a show on the night of their annual New Edition Party, where the producers and dancers celebrate another, more evolved edition which can include anything from song changes to entirely new numbers.

Show Biography

The six dancers of the X Burlesque Flamingo show are some of the most popular dancers on The Strip and have been in demand as dancers since the show first debuted. They’ve been performing in this show for years, earning some hardcore training and experience along the way. Some of the girls are even classically trained dancers, which explains the great energy involved, and maintained throughout the revue.

X Burlesque was created by Angela and Matt Stabile, two very clever (and married) folks who know what it takes to get a Las Vegas show up on its feet and going. They have both concentrated on the artful side of the dance acts, and though they are determined to keep it as provocative as possible, giving it a great reputation for pushing the envelope in Vegas, it remains classy and creative. Constantly reinventing the Las Vegas adult show keeps it fresh and fabulous, and keeps the crowds coming back. Whether it’s simply new, teeny-tiny costumes, or a new song set, the husband and wife duo aim at long-time success in the city.

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