National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum Reno Nevada was opened in 1989. Upon its opening, it stirred up quite a buzz! It was reported that this attractions in Reno Nevada had set a new higher standard for automobile museums throughout the entire world. The displays at the National Automobile Museum Reno Nevada are highly dramatic. Visitors to the museum appreciate the in-depth interpretation as well as the highly extensive collection. Many enjoy the fact that some of the exhibits are interactive.

The collection at the National Automobile Museum Reno Nevada features over 200 vehicles that date from 1892 to the present. Most of these belonged to the late gaming pioneer and avid car collector, Bill Harrah. Ironically, the idea of the museum came about after his death in 1978. The Holiday Corporation purchased Harrah's Casinos, as well as his automobile collection. When Holiday announced that they intended to sell the automobile collection, the good citizens of Nevada were outraged.

In 1981, Nevada Governor Robert List responded to this outrage. After he formed a private, non-profit corporation, he convinced Holiday to donate 175 cars, the research library and other automobile artifacts. This was considered to be one of the largest corporate philanthropic gifts in the history of the United States. The land and construction of the National Automobile Museum Reno Nevada was also funded by private donations.

Today, Reno, Nevada is the home of the National Automobile Museum. The 105,000 square foot building is located on the banks of the Truckee River. The walls of the museum are painted in a color known as Heather Fire Mist, which was a popular color for 1950s cars. Along the same theme, the museum's exterior has a 1950s type chrome trim However, the time-travel journey does not end with cars and the building. Inside the museum, there are period street scenes that represent the periods when the specific cars were popular. There is also a time table of which chronicles the progress of the automobile's style and technology.

The research library at the National Automobile Museum is also one of the interesting attractions in Reno Nevada. It features vintage owner's manuals, paint chips, restorations guides, upholstery samples and other items that would transport vintage car enthusiasts in car lovers' heaven! This Reno Nevada attraction has been named amongst the Top 10 Museums by Car Collector Magazine. Also, Nevada Magazine has selected this Reno Nevada attraction as the Best Museum in Northern Nevada. As the home of the National Automobile Museum, Reno, with its extensive list of hotel and dining options, is an excellent host for this popular Reno Nevada attraction.

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