Nevada Day Trips

Although Las Vegas is currently the major destination of most tourists heading to Nevada, Nevada day trips and Nevada tours can include so much more than gambling. One of the most beautiful lakes west of the Mississippi, Lake Tahoe, is located not far from Reno. Trips to Reno Nevada in themselves can make a great vacation, as can a ski trip to Lake Tahoe or a number of other Nevada tours and Nevada trips.

Highway 50 - The Loneliest Road in America

A Nevada day trip spent mostly driving is what travelers who take the Highway 50 challenge will be faced with. Dubbed by Life magazine as the, "loneliest road in America", the magazine suggested that drivers who take the road have more than just a car; it suggested that they should also bring along their survival skills. Businesses and communities along the road, of which there aren't many, decided to create the "Highway 50 Survival Kit" as their humorous answer to the charge. Travelers can pick up the kit, which comes replete with passport to be validated by the five largest communities along the road, as well as maps and a survival pin upon completion. The stretch of road is exactly 287 miles long, the perfect distance for a full day of driving, with plenty of time to stop and stretch your legs while collecting your passport stamps and even catching some lunch along the way.

Lake Tahoe

While there are literally hundreds of ways to enjoy Lake Tahoe, one way to do it in a day is by packing up the picnic gear and driving around the entire lake. A Nevada day trip around Lake Tahoe will over travelers a chance to see the Lake from every side, as offers views of one of the most breathtaking lakes in the world. You can plan to take your time around the lake, or move quickly, but you should have time to stop for lunch, pictures, and have multiple chances on this Nevada trip to stretch your legs. You can also combine this drive with trips to Reno Nevada. Many travelers stay in and start from Reno as part of a longer vacation. If you have never seen this iconic Nevada lake, then you should certainly plan to spend some time along its shores.


Trips to Reno Nevada have come along way since the days when Reno was considered to be the divorce capital of the world. Today, a perfectly lovely day can be spent in Reno simply taking a walking tour of the downtown area. Along with the gambling we have all come to expect from Nevada tours, travelers will find multiple streets lined with shops, restaurants, and of course the famous Reno Arch, constructed in 1926. Your Nevada trip can begin with a tour of the downtown area, break for lunch, and while away the second half of the day checking out the museums located in downtown or strolling along the Truckee River Walk. If you more than a day in Reno, be sure to take advantage of the great day trips that surround the city, as well.

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