Red Rock Canyon Nevada

Las Vegas may have its bright lights, but the canyons and rocks of Nevada will thrill the visitor with a medley of colors created by Mother Nature. Red Rock Canyon Nevada is located 15 miles outside of the city, making it one of the best things to do in Vegas if you're looking for a day trip. "Red Rock," as the Nevada locals call it, gets its name from the striking red sandstone formations that can be found throughout the valley. The contrast of the red sandstone strata against the gray limestone is an impressive sight. Be prepared to see some strikingly dramatic scenery! The area is so exquisite that it is often used for movie sets and commercials.

The Red Rock Canyon State Park has a number of great places for a picnic. Rock climbing, hiking and biking can also be enjoyed. Be sure to pay a visit to the Visitor's Center, where you can see a number of intriguing exhibits. The Visitor's Center also has a desert tortoise habitat. Stop by the gift shop for a souvenir of your trip.

The mystical atmosphere of the Red Rock Canyon State Park makes it a romantic setting. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that many couples choose to have their weddings in Red Rock Canyon Nevada. Most Red Rock Canyon wedding packages include complimentary transportation to the canyon, a minister, music, video and a bridal bouquet. Many companies that organize weddings in Red Rock Canyon supply limousine service from your hotel.

If weddings in Red Rock Canyon Nevada are not part of your agenda, you can still enjoy a romantic vacation hiking the trails in Red Rock Canyon Nevada. The trails are known for their diversity, as well as their varying degrees of difficulty. If you are short on time, try the Moenkopi Loop, where you can discover Triassic fossils and a basic Yucca type of flora. The trail is only two miles long, and it is a relatively easy hike.

For those of you who want your bragging rights, challenge yourself on the five mile Turtlehead Peak Trail. Make sure that you wear decent shoes and long pants. If you are interested in geology, take a hike towards the Keystone Thrust Fault. For those of you traveling with children, Lost Creek Children's Discovery Trail is the best family-friendly hiking trail in Red Rock Canyon Nevada. The creek runs all year long.

If you are not quite up for a day of strenuous hiking, a number of companies offer Red Rock Canyon tours. The Hummer Tours feature air conditioned or heated vehicles, depending on the season. Most tours offer hotel pick-up and drop off, as well as various types of refreshments.

Some Red Rock Canyon tour companies offer biking tours around the canyon. Some of these tours actually begin in Las Vegas. Whatever type of tour you take, The Red Rock Canyon State Park offers you a chance to spend a day communing with nature.

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