Suggested Itineraries Nevada

While many may think first of Las Vegas when they think of Nevada, there is so much more to this incredible state. Lake Tahoe, the Hoover Dam, and the great city of Reno make this one of the most scenic states in the nation. In addition, events like Burning Man and wonders like Death Valley create mystery and draw tourists throughout the year. Whatever brings you to Nevada, the suggested itineraries for Nevada included below are just the starting point for your vacation.

Suggested itineraries Nevada:

1-3 Days

Suggested itineraries Nevada for travelers who want to skirt Las Vegas usually include a trip to Reno. This growing city is no longer the divorce capital of the world, or even a gambling Mecca. Reno has plenty of great hiking, excellent views of the Truckee River, and a cultural center that is becoming more sophisticated by the moment. Finding a Reno hotel and enjoying the area is a great way to spend a day or two in Nevada. Suggested itineraries for Reno direct many tourists to the casinos, but keep in mind that there is so much more to this Nevada town.

4-7 Days

With multiple days to spend in Nevada, your Nevada trip planner can include a trip to beautiful Lake Tahoe. As the largest alpine lake in North America, Tahoe draws thousands of tourists every year looking to boat, bike, and hike around the lake. Great skiing is also available in Tahoe during the winter, and travelers will find that Tahoe is an enjoyable destination in both the winter and summer.

7+ Days

Longer vacations in Nevada can include quite a lot on their Nevada trip planner. In addition to many of the suggested itineraries for Reno, Nevada trip planner itineraries can send travelers into the desert and up into the mountains. After checking out Lake Tahoe, tourists should take a drive through at least a portion of Death Valley. While some brave hikers make treks on foot through the scorching desert, it is also possible to take a tour of part of the desert either with a tour company or by renting or driving your own car. You will also have time to make a stop at Hoover Dam and the lake it created, Lake Mead. Bikers will enjoy visiting Red Rock Canyon, although it is worth visiting just for a drive, as well.

Whether you only have time for suggested itineraries for Reno, or can take a week or more to enjoy all that Nevada has to offer, travelers looking for a combination of city comforts and natural beauty need look no further then Nevada.

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