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There are so many exciting things to do in Nevada, that when planning your vacation, you may consider taking one of the many Nevada tours. How do you decide what type of tour to take? What's your pleasure? There are Nevada tours for all tastes and all budgets.

If you are an independent traveler, you might choose one of the self guided Nevada tours. However, if you want the guidance of an expert on the area, you may want to consider one of the guided group Nevada tours. Another thing to consider is the type of vehicle you want to use when touring Nevada. You can explore by car, horseback, and bicycle or even by foot. If you want to travel back in time, some companies offer horse and buggy Nevada tours.

What is it about Nevada that you find interesting? Many people come for the landscape and unique desert geology. Others are drawn to the lure of the casinos. However, if you have always harbored a fascination for nuclear energy, you may want to check out the Nevada test site tour. The Nevada test site is a United States Department of Energy reservation. When it was established on January 11, 1951, it was known as the Nevada Proving Grounds. Located in Nye County, Nevada the Nevada test site is composed of close to 1,350 square miles of desert and mountains. Between the years 1951 and 1992, there were a total of 925 tests that were conducted at the Nevada test site. Throughout the 1950s, the mushroom clouds that occurred because of these tests could be seen for 100 miles in either direction of the test site. Ironically, the clouds themselves became major tourist attractions.

Today, it is possible to take a Nevada test site tour. If you are interested in the history of nuclear testing, this can well be the highlight of your Nevada vacation. The Nevada test site tour usually begins at the Atomic Testing Museum. The tour is conducted on a rest room equipped chartered bus. Keep in mind that you entering a restricted access government reservation. So you will need to apply in advance for your Nevada test site tour. You will need to supply your social security number, date and place of birth, hone address, employer and citizenship. Cell phones, cameras, firearms and laptops are not permitted during the Nevada test site tour.

If the Nevada test site tour sounds a bit too intellectual for a Nevada vacation, you may want to consider one of the exciting Las Vegas tours. Why would anyone be interested in Las Vegas tours? There are so many clubs, hotels and shows in Las Vegas, that it’s sometimes difficult to figure out which ones are worth visiting. Perhaps you are excited about the Vegas club life, but not too excited about the lines at the clubs. There are some Las Vegas tours that feature VIP hosts who will walk you past the lines!

Since you are close enough to Arizona, you should think about taking an exciting Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour. Some of these tours even include the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. You can take a Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour by helicopter, hummer or bus.

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