New Hampshire

New Hampshire, one of the most historically important states in the USA, is a place where the spirit of the nation is most eloquently summed up in the state motto: Live Free or Die. Known as the granite state as much for its character as for its geology, New Hampshire is a place that is at the heart of the American dream, and a place where you can experience a welcome that is genuine and warm.

Located in the north east, and sharing borders with Canada and the Atlantic, New Hampshire is a place that marries the very best of the natural world with modern cities that offer excellent shopping, comfortable accommodation, culture, and first class restaurants.

For many people, the very best time for a New Hampshire vacation is during the fall, when the mighty forests that make up much of the country are transformed into golden shrouds across the landscape, and when it is possible to see the bewitching views of the forest as you drive between the small villages and towns in the rural areas of the state.

During the summer months, New Hampshire attractions are widespread across the state. There are a number of national parks to choose from that offer visitors the chance to get out into nature and experience hiking and camping along well marked trails through the woods. New Hampshire state parks boast a number of lakes that have great beaches and are very popular with families during July and August when the excellent weather draws crowds to the beaches.

If you are planning on touring through the upstate regions away from the main cities like Concord and Manchester, then it is a good idea to register with the New Hampshire campgrounds. You can get a discount on accommodation at many of the better state park camping grounds if you get a pass, and this offers good savings on a long trip.

If sleeping under canvas does not appeal to you, then don’t despair. There are so many small guest houses across the state that getting New Hampshire lodging for the duration of your vacation is simple and convenient. Many of these small family run hotels do not require you to book in advance, although at popular times, such as over major holiday weekends like Labor Day, it is a good idea to reserve a room to avoid being disappointed.

There is plenty to see and do for people of all ages, and much of it revolves around the quite breathtaking landscapes that the state possesses. From hiking in the White Mountains in New Hampshire’s northern areas through to playing a gentle round or two on one of the championship standard New Hampshire golf courses that overlook the Atlantic Ocean, it is easy to spend your days actively in this great New England state.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for your New Hampshire vacation – most guide books recommend taking at least two weeks for a driving tour in the fall, to ensure that you have time to see the best of the state at its most glorious. For summer vacations in New Hampshire, a week is usually adequate, especially if you are considering also spending time at another destination such as Florida or New York on the same trip.

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