Mount Washington New Hampshire

Mount Washington New Hampshire is the highest peak in New England. The mountain, a part of the Presidential Range of the White Mountains, has some wild weather to go along with its amazing views. Few places on earth have had faster wind gusts, with some exceeding 200 MPH. The mountain peak is completely surrounded by the White Mountains National Forest. The summit is a state park, making it possible to enjoy the mountain peak world of Mount Washington for yourself. One of the most famous of the New Hampshire mountains, Mount Washington is a fascinating place to learn about the weather, have some fun, and enjoy outdoor recreation.



The scientists at the Mount Washington Observatory brag that the 6,288-foot mountain peak has the worst weather in the world. Conditions vary wildly, but you can expect it to be windy. Between November and April, the winds can exceed hurricane force and it can snow frequently. It’s not surprising that the bulk of visits to the peak take place in the summertime. If you’re curious about the climate, you’ll appreciate a visit to the Mount Washington Observatory. It has two locations that are open to visit. At the base of the mountain, the Weather Discovery Center is located in North Conway Village and is open year-round. The observatory’s exhibits at the mountaintop Mt. Washington State Park visitor center are available during the summer. During the wintertime, the peak is only accessible by hiking or the Snow Cat vehicles run by the observatory staff.


Cog Railway
Cog Railway

High adventure or relaxing afternoons are available on and around Mount Washington. Whatever your fitness level or idea of fun, you’ll be able to find something cool to do with the highest peak in New England. There are a few ways to get to the top of the mountain. The privately run Mount Washington Auto Road winds its way to the top, and the Mount Washington Cog Railway motors to the summit. The engineering marvel has been chugging to the top since 1869 and continues to be a New Hampshire tradition. The third way to the top is by foot—several miles of trails lead to the peak, offering a variety of treks for various skill levels. The park has a gift shop and cafe where hikers and other visitors can visit. In the spring, the southeast face of the mountain is a favorite for skiers—the snowpack on Tuckerman Ravine can stay into June (sometimes even July), and this backcountry skiing experience is quite a delight when the sun is shining. More traditional skiing is available at the nearby resorts.

Mount Washington Hotels & Lodging

Mount Washington Hotels & Lodging
Mount Washington Hotels & Lodging

The Mount Washington area and surrounding national forest have long attracted the attention of vacationers. Some of the earliest hotels in New Hampshire were built in view of Mount Washington. In 1902, one of the finest luxury hotels in New England joined the scene—the Mount Washington Hotel. Today, it’s a full-service resort complete with a zipline, golf course, and horseback riding. It also has 200 guestrooms and suites along with several eateries for guests to enjoy. The Bretton Woods Resort also is a four-season resort with a long history. It’s especially popular with skiers, offering easy access to nordic trails and downhill runs.

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