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A New Hampshire vacation is rewarding on so many levels. From its rugged mountains to its small Atlantic coastline, New Hampshire is full of interesting attractions that are some of the best found in New England. And, what other state can claim that its highest mountain has the most intense weather on the planet? Mt. Washington, at 6,288 feet, is surely one of New Hampshire's best natural attractions, but with a state this beautiful, it's hard to choose which one's are the best. Visiting New Hampshire will give you a good sense of the kind of national integrity that our forefathers had envisioned, and it's rich history is easily noted. Wherever you decide to travel in New Hampshire, you will likely have to call on the New Hampshire hotels at some point for accommodations. This article will discuss some possible New Hampshire vacation destinations, as well as give you an idea of the hotels you can expect to find when you get there.

Many people who come to New Hampshire tend to stay in the bottom half of the state. The good thing is, New Hampshire is pretty small, so if you have a decent amount of time, you can see quite a bit of it. If you have opted to head north, you might choose the town of Dixville Notch as a place to look for New Hampshire hotels. For a truly wonderful experience, the Balsams Grand Resort offers an unparalleled experience. Surrounded by lofty cliffs, and set in a forest, this Victorian gem of a hotel has to be experienced to be understood. Other than the Balsams Grand, the bulk of the hotels here are of the budget motor inn variety, meaning that you can find some good discount New Hampshire lodging here. Known as the first town to vote in the Presidential elections, Dixville Notch is close to area ski resorts, plenty of hiking trails and all around outdoors satisfaction. From Dixville Notch, you might begin a southward trek towards to the White Mountains National Forest. When you get near famed Mt. Washington, consider shacking up at one of the Bretton Woods hotels. In the winter, you can hit the nearby Bretton Woods Ski Resort, which is one of the best ski resorts in New Hampshire. The resort has some nice lodging options, from the elegant main hotel to the charming bed and breakfast. You might check for vacation package deals that offer discount New Hampshire lodging in Bretton Woods.

Back down south, a visit to the state capital is always a good thing to throw on the agenda. Concord is a small city where small town hospitality is the norm. You can find some good deals at the hotels in Concord. There are a couple mid-priced chain hotels near the downtown attractions, and you can opt to stay at one of the bed and breakfast hotels in Concord. Among the hotels in Concord, are some nice inns that have some extra character. Besides enjoying the city's architecture, you might visit the Capitol Building, or learn about New Hampshire at the Museum of New Hampshire History. South of Concord is the state's largest city, Manchester. Manchester has more of an urban feel to it than does Concord. You can get a feel for some of the city's manufacturing history by viewing the mills left over from the past. Literary fans will enjoy visiting the Robert Frost Farm, just outside of the city, and if you like art, then you won't want to miss the Currier Gallery of Art. The Manchester NH hotels are in pretty good supply as far as chain brand Manchester NH hotels go. Among the most attractive Manchester NH hotels are the unique inns that can be found in, or near town. There are some good deals for mid-priced suites at the airport hotels, and some of the nicer chain hotels have locations downtown.

If you are in Manchester, you might take the chance to visit the nearby village of Hancock. Not only will you find the state's oldest inn here, but every building on the city's Main Street makes the National Registry of Historic Places. Hancock's history is a storied one, and a trip to the Town Museum might help to understand it. You can visit the covered bridge in Hancock, and some black and whites of the restored Railroad Depot might be worthy of hanging on your wall. Hancock is not big on hotels, so you may choose to stay at one of the character-laden and sometimes luxurious inns that can be found in surrounding towns, like the Jack Daniels Motor Inn in Peterborough. Heck, while you are at it, you might as well explore Peterborough a bit, where you can find a charming setting and some award-winning theater. After spending time in these towns, you may be interested in what lies near the coast. New Hampshire's Atlantic Ocean shoreline is small, but it is nonetheless an ocean shoreline. Another city where you can feel the history, Portsmouth is just a river away from the state of Maine and a few miles from the beach. In the historic district of town, you will find some nice boutique shops and some great cafes, not to mention some intriguing architecture. Staying at one of the downtown inns is recommended, as you are close to the main attractions. There are discount New Hampshire lodging options found at the chain motels outside of town near Interstate 95. The nearby historic resort in New Castle is a most elegant choice for Portsmouth hotels. Portsmouth is only about an hour's drive from Boston, making it a nice day trip if you are vacationing in Massachusetts. Hopefully, you can visit some of these places on your next New Hampshire vacation. You should find the accommodations nearby to be both unique and convenient.

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