New Jersey

New Jersey, the third state of the United States of America, is a place to discover America’s past, present, and future; and New Jersey vacations are a great way to explore all three. New Jersey tourism uncovers the past through the extensive history of New Jersey Garden State. Tourism in New Jersey keeps you in the present: your moments in the Garden State are filled with unbelievable things to do and events, from famous New Jersey beaches to antique shows to cranberry festivals to NFL football. New Jersey vacations give you a glimpse into the future with a look at innovative ideas, from Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park labs to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey Garden State has always been on the cutting edge.

The history of New Jersey and that of the United States are intertwined from the beginning. From colonial times until the present, New Jersey has been right in the thick of things. Several important Revolutionary War battles were decided on the land we now call New Jersey Garden State. Before the “garden” soil of New Jersey was known for growing cranberries, corn, and pumpkins, it was known as an important battleground. New Jersey vacations especially rife with Revolutionary history include trips to Morristown, dubbed the military capital of the Revolutionary War, or to Trenton, where Patriot’s week explores the States’ battle for independence in the 18th century.

After independence was gained, the United States needed ingenuity and hard work to become a formidable country on the global scene, and much of it was found in New Jersey. New Jersey tourism often includes an up-close appreciation for Thomas Edison, who made a career in New Jersey inventing much of what we rely on to function today. The Thomas Edison Museum is hallowed ground for any visitor to New Jersey Garden State that has an interest in practical science. The hard work that helped build a nation was found also in New Jersey, a land known for productivity that played a crucial role in the Industrial Revolution.

From colonial times to the height of industry, New Jersey has always been at the forefront of revolutions. New Jersey tourism is no exception: in recent years, tourism in New Jersey is undergoing a revolution of its own. Atlantic City is undergoing a revitalization that you need to experience to believe, as it begins to truly live up to its reputation as the Las Vegas of the east with upscale dining, gaming, and lodging options that make New Jersey tourism here an excellent choice. Ocean City remains one of the best places in the U.S. to take your family. Tourism in New Jersey wouldn’t be complete without a taste of Jersey shore saltwater taffy, or the feel of the sand beneath your toes on the miles of Jersey’s beaches. Further inland, the beautiful Pine Barrens offer hiking and events that are sure to make your trip to New Jersey Garden State enjoyable. The festivals and bed and breakfast options in the smaller towns are an unforgettable aspect of tourism in New Jersey, giving visitors a pastoral glimpse into the slower, simpler life of yesterday.

New Jersey vacations are yours for the living: whether your style is to rough it by taking part in New Jersey camping, or to take it slow at a New Jersey winery, the Garden State awaits your visit.

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