New Jersey Flights

When you want to make a getaway to New Jersey, sometimes you want to get there fast. Whether you are coming from India or Boston, flights to New Jersey are obviously to quickest way to get to your Garden State location of choice. New Jersey flights are numerous, and from some of the most far flung destinations. Newark Airport, now called Newark Liberty International Airport officially, is the fifth busiest international air gateway into the United States. This airport has also, in recent years, been offering some of the longest nonstop flights in the world, with connecting New Jersey flights to places like New Delhi and Beijing. So, no matter where you are on the planet, you are usually pretty close to flights to New Jersey.

Northern New Jersey and New York City are served by Newark Airport, while Southern New Jersey is best served by Philadelphia International Airport. Many tourists automatically think Newark Airport is their only choice for New Jersey flights, but this is not so. Touch down in Philly, tip your cap to the Liberty Bell, and go enjoy your New Jersey vacation from there! Use this tip if you are visiting the central or south Jersey Shore: a flight to Philly might save you money, as well as time on the often congested Garden State Parkway. Atlantic City also has an international airport of its own, which handles New Jersey flights for those who wish to visit the New Jersey resorts and casinos found here.

Flights to New Jersey are handled by most of the major carriers, including Alaska, American Airlines, Continental (the largest tenant of Newark Airport), Delta, Northwest, United, US Airways, and the hot new Jet Blue (just to name a few).

Due to the heavy amount of New Jersey flights that go into Newark Airport, last minute airfare to Newark is not especially hard to come by since there are so many carriers. So go ahead, buy those Giants tickets on a whim and come to the Meadowlands for the game, because chances are you will be able to find decent last minute airfare to Newark. Keep in mind, however, the seasons: Summer is peak season at Newark Airport, followed by late spring/early fall. Fridays are always a bit crazy at Newark Airport due to the amount of business commuters leaving the New York City area. Major holidays are, of course, very busy as well, with New York City’s Christmas tourists booking flights to New Jersey in order to funnel through Newark Airport. With these tips in mind, plan ahead. If there is no time to plan ahead, with a little luck, even during peak times, you may still book last minute airfare to Newark… for the right price.

If you land in Newark and have a layover while awaiting your flight to Atlantic City or another destination, check out the Newark Museum, which offers much more to look at than a crowded airport terminal and that newspaper you already read.

New Jersey flights will get you to Jersey quick, and the efficient transportation options from the airport will take you the rest of the way to the New Jersey spa or the small town bed and breakfast you’ve been looking forward to.

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