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Atlantic City helicopter tours can be a great addition to the itinerary when vacationing along the New Jersey coast. The cheapest and most popular of these tours are the Shoreline Tours, which run the entire length of the beach in Atlantic City. The other available Atlantic City helicopter tours include the City Tours and the Build Your Own Tours. On the City Tours, the focus is on the downtown and marina district areas, as well as the beach. The Build Your Own Tours are more customized and allow guests to arrange their own tours within the general region. You can even fly over to Ocean City for a look around.

Rounding out the options for Atlantic City helicopter tours are Photo Flights, which allow guests to film movies or shoot aerial photographs from the helicopter. Photos can be taken either with the doors on or removed. Steel Pier Helicopters, which is operated by Sunset Helicopters, LLC,  is the company that offers Atlantic City helicopter tours. All tours leave from the helipad at the end of the Steel Pier. The Steel Pier address is 1000 Boardwalk.

New York to Atlantic City Helicopter

New York to Atlantic City Helicopter
New York to Atlantic City Helicopter

Whether you live in New York City or are just visiting, you can consider taking a chartered helicopter ride to Atlantic City for some high rolling fun on the side. The duration of a typical helicopter ride from the Big Apple to Atlantic City is less than an hour. Liberty Helicopters, which is one of the companies that offers New York to Atlantic City helicopter rides, advertises that their transfers only take 42 minutes. Convenience is the name of the game, and the rates tend to reflect this. You can shop around to try to find the best deal if you want, as there are various companies that offer New York to Atlantic City helicopter flights. Departures are typically out of Manhattan or nearby New Jersey destinations.  

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