Best time to visit Atlantic City

Considering an Atlantic City vacation or looking for Atlantic City travel deals? The best time to make an Atlantic City trip all depends on what appeals to you most about this popular vacation spot affectionately deemed “America‘s Favorite Playground.” Is it the white sandy beaches and the stir of the ocean breeze? The all night casino gambling and live entertainment? Perhaps you’ve planned a boat trip to Atlantic City and want to know the ideal time to drop anchor?

Atlantic City Vacation
Atlantic City Vacation

Rest assured there is a perfect time, and season, for every activity you can dream up while planning your ideal Atlantic City vacation. If bathing suits come to mind when you conjure your perfect Atlantic City trip, come during the warmest time of the year, between May and September, and forego leaving town before you've had a chance to develop the perfect tan. July is actually the warmest summer month in New Jersey with an average high of 75 degrees. Throughout the summer high-season (May 27th to September 5th) you can expect the weather to stay in the mid 70’s to 80s, with cool evening weather that may require a light jacket. If you've planned your Atlantic City trip for August, expect rain, as this is the only month that averages more than four inches of precipitation.

If your Atlantic City trip involves mainly gaming, forget what I said about the perfect time and perfect season. Gambling goes on 24/7 in “America’s Favorite Playground” and there is no single perfect time to enjoy all that Atlantic City hotels and casinos have to offer. For the budget conscious there is an off-season where hotel rates drop slightly and you may be able to find a seat at your favorite craps table a bit easier. January and December are especially dead travel months for most in-state destinations, including Atlantic City, and if you book a hotel room for mid-week you can save up to 50% off Atlantic City vacation hotels high-season rates.

For those of you planning a boat trip to Atlantic City, bear in mind that sailing is usually smoother during the summer months, or what’s considered the high-season for an Atlantic City vacation. You’ll have an excellent chance to experience the Marina on your Atlantic City trip and will most certainly get to enjoy all that the Atlantic City Boardwalk has to offer in the way of eateries, museums, entertainment and other activities such as Sport Fishing.

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