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Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore

For a dream beach vacation, many travelers traditionally picture southern California, Hawaii, or a Caribbean Island getaway. While these places are absolutely incredible in many ways, a recent resurgence of tourism to the New Jersey Shore suggests that travelers are taking notice of all the beach fun the Jersey Shore has to offer.

New Jersey Shore
New Jersey Shore

‘Jersey Shore’ is a term local residents use to refer to the numerous beach communities along the Atlantic coast of New Jersey, from Sandy Hook in the North to Cape May in the South, including the barrier islands that are a part of the New Jersey Shore counties. A New Jersey Shore vacation is a must do for anyone in the urban centers of the eastern US, because of its close proximity, various attractions, and relaxing atmosphere. Whether your particular travel group is a family with young children, a couple of busy professionals from Philadelphia or New York City, a group of college kids from New Brunswick, or a retired couple looking to take it easy, the Jersey shore has a place waiting for you. But planning a New Jersey Shore vacation shouldn’t be stressful, so follow these general guidelines and then go and enjoy!

First of all, when should you visit the New Jersey Shore? Traditionally, summer is the answer to that question to get the full beach experience. Take a dip in the Jersey Shore waters for relief from that humidity that is so prominent in the summer months on the east coast. However, New Jersey shore locals know that the best time to enjoy the shore is in late September or October on a warmer day. The heat isn’t as impressive, but many maintain that the New Jersey Shore waters are actually warmer during this time of year. Also, the crowds and traffic of the summer vacationers is less of an issue then. In general, for transportation on the Jersey shore, forget the Garden State Parkway on Friday or Sunday and choose a train for the sake of your sanity. Choose the time of your New Jersey shore vacation to fit your needs. If you aren’t much of a swimmer, and would rather enjoy Jersey shore hotels, casinos and restaurants, then avoid July and August.

Jersey Shore rentals are a great option for those who can afford to rent a beach house for their New Jersey Shore vacation. One idea is to split a larger house with another family you like to travel with in order to save money. If this is an option for you, take advantage, because there’s not much better than waking up and having coffee on the porch of one of these Jersey Shore rentals and watching the sun rise over the Atlantic. Check Long Beach Island, Cape May, or Wildwood for some great Jersey Shore rentals that you won’t forget.

Demographically speaking, Jersey Shore can be divided into which age groups traditionally like which destinations. While you are encouraged to check out the whole Jersey Shore, these tips may help you decide one of the famous Jersey Shore hotels and establish your home base. Traditionally, college students and singles love the nightlife in Seaside Heights. Adults with money to spend (or win), romantic Jersey Shore hotels to visit, and a tan to work on should see what’s going on in Atlantic City (for Jersey shore hotels in Atlantic City, try the Borgata for luxury romance or the Skyline Tower Atlantic City for a quality stay). Families with young children love Ocean City, and the best Jersey shore hotels here include the affordable Ocean Front motel and the award winning Atlantis Inn Luxury Bed and Breakfast. Keep in mind Six Flags New Jersey if you have kids. In any age group, if you want to relax Long Beach island, or LBI to the locals, is a great retreat. Take a water taxi and just take in this nice, traditional island getaway.

The New Jersey Shore awaits your visit with endless options, and lots of fun in the sun!

Top image: jfleischmann (flickr)

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