Land of Make Believe

Have you ever wanted to just be a kid again, to pretend that nothing matters and that you can be whoever you want to be? Then perhaps a visit to The Land of Make Believe in Hope, New Jersey is just what you need. Pile the kids in the car, because this is an attraction that is designed to encourage healthy play between parents and children.

The Land of Make Believe New Jersey is a destination that may not have the most entertainment for adults, but it is a great chance for you to truly enjoy your children while they are still young. According to the management, Land of Make Believe is specifically designed for parents to participate in the fun with their children, offering a shared experience that will strengthen your family for the long term. This may seem like a high notion for an amusement park, but this design is admirable when compared with some parks that seem to encourage you to pay the ticket price and watch your kids have all the fun by themselves. The Land of Make Believe reverses this trend, offering a fun water and amusement park for young families to enjoy together.

Some helpful tips, however, are important to remember when visiting The Land of Make Believe New Jersey. First, don’t expect this to be Moreys Piers, Six Flags New Jersey, or even some of the better boardwalks found at New Jersey beaches. But it’s okay: the over-the-top thrills are not what Land of Make Believe is about. But if you have teenagers who are looking for very extreme rides, don’t expect them to have the time of their lives at The Land of Make Believe. But if you have young children, this place can truly be a magical experience for them, and the memory of a lifetime. It is also not like the other parks because of one nice feature: it isn’t as expensive.

Another helpful thing to know is that Land of Make Believe doesn’t take Visa or MasterCard; only cash and Discover are currently accepted (this may change at a later date), so a stop at the ATM might be in order before you make your trip. Land of Make Believe customers will appreciate the convenience of free parking and a free picnic area. Also, additional admission is not charged for the water park section of The Land of Make Believe New Jersey, as in some amusement parks.

Some notable rides at The Land of Make Believe that you will want to try are the Civil War Train, which makes its way around most of the park, the Black Hole Waterslide, and “Free Fallin,” an action-packed up and down ride for the older kids and adults in your group.

You will find Land of Make Believe in Hope, New Jersey, on County Road 611 off exit 12 from Route 80. Follow the signs and let the wholesome family fun begin. The park is open daily from 10-6 from mid-June through Labor Day, and weekends only from Memorial Day weekend through the second weekend of June.

In general, The Land of Make Believe is a magical place for preteens and parents to play together and enjoy a summer day in the Garden State. If you pack the kids up and take them at a young age, be careful—they may beg you to take them back every summer.

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