Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center New Jersey has recently set a new standard of what a science center can be in the 21st Century. Recently reopening after a complete reinvention (renovation is not a strong enough word), Liberty Science Center, found in Jersey City’s scenic Liberty State Park, has taken the notion of a science center to the next level. Their mission is to take the idea of great interactive exhibits, and use it in a way that encourages the community to not only become scientifically literate, but act on a knowledge of science. The goal is to transform people into science activists that promote the well-being of the earth, humanity, and the quest for better and more useful technology. Though this is a high goal, Liberty Science Center New Jersey seems to have backed it up with a facility equipped to give it a shot. A visit to some of the new Liberty Science Center exhibitions reflects this goal of turning guests from consumers of science to producers of it.

Jersey City is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the nation, and the Hudson River is home to biodiversity as well. Liberty Science Center takes cues from its location by celebrating both the diversity of humanity and other living features of the planet. One of the new Liberty Science Center Exhibitions focuses solely on the Hudson River, and is worth attending for locals who may take the body of water for granted. In addition to this, other Liberty Science Center Exhibitions include: Skyscraper: Achievement and Impact, Communication (a look at the evolution of human communication), Breakthroughs (a real time look at important science being done today), Energy Quest (an exploration of how we may live after fossil fuels), and I Explore (a special exhibition for kids ages 1-5 to explore what they are capable of with the help of parents or guardians). These excellent choices and more are part of a great group of Liberty Science Center Exhibitions.

Another great aspect of the Liberty Science Center is the Jennifer A. Chalsty Center for Science Learning and Teaching, which is perhaps the most useful part of the complex. Science educators come together here to help one another to engage generations of students with science, and groups of students can participate in intensive programs at the Chalsty Center.

Liberty Science Center New Jersey also offers a variety of different guest speakers and different science experiences are available daily, so be sure to check with the welcome desk when you visit to see what is available while you are at the Liberty Science Center. The museum hours are 9-8 during the summer, and 9-5 Tues-Fri and 9-6 on weekends during the winter. Also, check the website to see what is showing in the gargantuan IMAX Dome Theater while you are visiting the Center.

Though a trip to this educational destination is recommended, be forewarned: when you visit the new and improved Liberty Science Center, you may go away transformed into an amateur science activist yourself.

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