Morey's Piers

Moreys Piers is an extremely popular Amusement Park in New Jersey, located in Wildwood, a borough in Cape May County. Established in 1969 by brothers Bill and Will Morey, Moreys Piers started off as a place to have some fun in Wildwood, but has flourished into an empire, becoming perhaps the most beloved New Jersey amusement park. Over one hundred rides and attractions, spread out over five facilities, set Moreys Pier apart as a wonderland for kids of all ages, and everyone else in the family, for that matter.

How did Moreys Pier become the most beloved amusement park in New Jersey? They did it by consistently adding new attractions and technology each year, and never being afraid to try new ideas. This pioneering spirit has led Moreys Piers to where it is today, boasting some of the most terrifying roller coasters that a New Jersey amusement park can possibly offer.

The park is split into a three areas for rides, and two water parks. The Adventure Pier, one of the Moreys Pier areas with the best rides, includes the Great White roller coaster, a vast wooden roller coaster that keeps you screaming with glee right from the start. The Screamin’ Swing is another fun attraction here, which hurtles guests just feet above the Great White coaster, making for one of the more breathtaking moments to be enjoyed in a New Jersey amusement park.

Surfside Pier is another of the ride sections of Moreys Pier. The famed Great Nor’Easter roller coaster is found here. This might be the most thrilling ride in an amusement park in New Jersey, though fans of Six Flags New Jersey will certainly beg to differ. Nevertheless, the Nor’Easter is simply a great thrill ride. AtmosFear and Formula One Raceway are other popular attractions in the Surfside Pier section of Moreys Piers.

Mariners Landing is the third ride area to be found at Moreys Piers. The centerpiece of this area is the Sea Serpent, one of the very first boomerang style roller coasters to be used in the United States.

Thrill rides aside, Moreys Piers is also the amusement park in New Jersey to visit if you want to have some laughs and splashes at a water park. Cool off in Raging Waters, which contains many excellent water rides for you to enjoy, and is only one of the two water parks to be found at Moreys Pier.

In addition to all of these rides and attractions, there are also plenty of more tame options to enjoy with the little ones. Smaller scale rides are scattered throughout the park for parents and young children to enjoy together. Also, music events starring popular kids singing acts frequent Morey’s Piers during the peak summer months. If you want to get the most for your money, and if you will visit more than a few times, a Moreys Pier season pass is surely the way to go. Moreys Piers is a smoke free New Jersey amusement park in order to be enjoyed by families in a healthy environment.

Whether it is thrills you seek, a chance to cool off from the hot New Jersey beaches, or that perfect day of fun for your group or organization, Moreys Piers in Wildwood New Jersey is a great choice this summer.

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