New Jersey Fishing

For anglers of all kinds, New Jersey is an outdoor playground that has a lot of water, a lot of fish, and a lot of quality guides to introduce you to both. Whether the whole point of your vacation is New Jersey fishing or you are the angler in the family that will sneak away for a couple of day fishing trips in New Jersey, you won’t likely be disappointed by the quality sport fishing and crabbing that is readily available for you here. New Jersey saltwater fishing is a booming industry along the Jersey shore, but a deep sea charter is not the only New Jersey fishing experience to be enjoyed. A fly fishing week on the Delaware River may be the father-daughter getaway you’ve been waiting for, or perhaps just taking some casts at surf fishing or pier fishing with some friends is as much New Jersey fishing as you can handle. The Garden State will satisfy each of these desires, and if you find the right guide, your New Jersey fishing experience will be unforgettable.

For people looking to experience some high energy sport fishing out on the open sea, New Jersey saltwater fishing is the way to go. In Ocean City, Crystal Blue Sport Fishing will take you where you want to go in style, and with any luck, you’ll be hauling in some monsters. In that same area of New Jersey beaches, look up Rainbow III Deep Sea Fishing for a great family-oriented adventure in New Jersey saltwater fishing.

Point Pleasant boasts Bounty Hunter Sport Fishing, another quality charter to the open ocean. Also in Point Pleasant, visitors may want to try Benchmark Charters for tuna, marlin, swordfish, striped bass, bluefish, bottom fish, and more.

When booking with deep sea charters for day fishing trips in New Jersey, be sure to ask about details: licensing, attire, and what the guide and customer are expected to provide are all important points to ask about to make sure your experience is a great one.

If you don’t quite have your sea-legs, day fishing trips in New Jersey on the open seas might not be for the best. Ask the locals where to find the best bay fishing and crabbing in order to try your hand at New Jersey saltwater fishing without having a queasy stomach. In Somers Point, NJ, the Duke O’ Fluke (fluke are a popular bay fish to catch) in a large, multi-family party fishing boat that leaves daily at 8 AM and noon from the Higbee Avenue dock. Bring the family, because this is one of the most fun half day fishing trips in New Jersey.

For those not even wanting to leave dry land, New Jersey saltwater fishing is still an option! Ventnor City, just south of Atlantic City, has the only public fishing pier in New Jersey that goes out into the open Atlantic. Visit the Fisherman’s Den in Belmar and ask about the surf fishing that is available on the nearby shore.

For the best freshwater New Jersey fishing, there are plenty of options, but looking up outfitter Gary Mauz (or another of the area’s savvy guides) to custom design your own fly fishing vacation on the Delaware River is your best bet for catching striper, trout, bass, and other freshwater fish.

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