New Jersey Golf Courses

If hitting the links is your idea of a great time in New Jersey, then the Garden State has much to offer. New Jersey golf courses are consistently ranked among the very best in the US by independent golf magazines. If playing mini golf with the family on the boardwalk is making you long for the real thing, then chances are you are close to a pretty decent course. The only question is whether a tee time will be available, especially during the peak summer months. However, if you call around and plan ahead which golf courses in New Jersey you want to play most, you will certainly be able to tee off and enjoy the quiet pleasure of walking (or driving) eighteen holes.

As far as which courses you will want to choose, it really depends on your level of play. If it’s a casual family outing, it might be best to save some money and choose one of the less exquisite courses close to the beach, or whichever New Jersey camping area or resort you are currently enjoying. If money is no object, and you are in it to tee off from the pro tees, then learn here about the best golf courses in New Jersey, because that’s where you’ll want to play.

Pine Valley Golf Club, found in the southern New Jersey town of Pine Valley, is simply one of the best golf courses in New Jersey, if not just the hands-down best. It is consistently ranked among the very top courses in the entire US and even the world, let alone just the Garden State. Founded in 1913, this course was designed by George Arthur Crump to force the golfer to use every club in his bag. Even in the age of high-powered oversized drivers, it pretty much does what it set out to do. Among New Jersey golf courses, this is the cream of the crop. Good luck at getting a tee time, and if you do, good luck navigating the water hazards and sand at this incredibly difficult, though beautiful course.

If you are in the Jersey City area, enjoy the Liberty National Course, which is stunningly beautiful even though it is found in a fairly urban setting. The second hole, a long par three, boasts an unbelievable view of Lady Liberty herself as you tee off toward the green. The Avalon Country Club, found in Cape May Courthouse, NJ, is one of the better golf courses in New Jersey, and is near one of the best New Jersey beaches. Drop the older kids off at Avalon’s award-winning beach area, and hit the links for a challenging day of golf. The fall colors at Avalon Country Club are stunning, and guests will enjoy both excellent golf at this championship public course and great entertainment in the Grille Room.

New Jersey golf courses in the northwest Skylands region of the Garden State bring an entirely different flavor to the New Jersey golf scene. Tending to include more dense trees and steeper inclines, these New Jersey golf courses can really fine tune your game. Black Bear Golf Course in Franklin, New Jersey (Sussex County) is one of the best golf courses in New Jersey to be found in this region. Part of Crystal Springs Golf Resort, Black bear is one of the premier New Jersey golf courses for families and recreational players. Non-golfers in the family may prefer the New Jersey spa found at Crystal Springs, a great stress reliever.

If you are staying in Newark, or for a quick round during a day-long layover between flights, try to get on at the Knoll West Country Club. It’s among the best golf courses in New Jersey, and it’s located in Pasippany. It is a championship par 70 semi-private course that is worth every penny if you can get a tee time during open playing time. If you can’t get on there, try Knoll East, its sister course on the facility that is fully open to the public.

When you are packing for your New Jersey vacation, make sure you remember your golf clubs, because the golf courses in New Jersey are worth the extra luggage.

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