Newark Museum

Many tourists who pass through the airport in Newark en route to New York City do just that: pass through without taking notice of the renowned gem that can be found right here Newark Museum. Founded in 1909, Newark Museum is the largest museum in New Jersey, and home to 80 galleries, a planetarium, a mini zoo, and a restored 1885 Victorian Mansion on the complex. But these examples don’t come close to portraying all that Newark Museum NJ has to offer. The numerous temporary exhibits, the museum café, shops, and the sculpture garden are a few of the other attractions available at Newark Museum.

What is unique about Newark Museum NJ is the way it displays art of all kinds in addition to scientific exhibits. The quality with which Newark Museum handles both fine art and science is a testament to the management of this cultural destination. Newark Museum NJ is known the world over for its Tibetan art exhibit, which it has displayed proudly for decades, generating much critical acclaim. On the other hand, the Dynamic Earth exhibit is an interactive chance for students and tourists alike to make in-depth observations of the full scope of nature. If you are a science buff, don’t miss Newark Museum’s Dynamic Earth or the Liberty Science Center during your New Jersey vacation.

Newark Museum NJ is home to displays of a wide array of American art, in addition to African art, Asian art, and exhibits of the decorative arts. Newark Museum is also home to many special events throughout the year, including the occasional Jazz performance, which is why one should visit the official website in the weeks prior to your Newark Museum visit. A special event at the Newark Museum NJ that focuses on a favorite subject of yours just may be going on during your stay.

When should visitors enjoy the Newark Museum? The convenience of the place itself is simply an invitation to visit whenever you choose. The museum is open from 12 to 5 daily, except weekends from October to June, when it can be accessed from 10 to 5. The proximity to New York City warrants including Newark Museum as a part of a museum tour of the area: add it to the list as you discover The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim, The Brooklyn Museum, and others.

Consider coming back early to Newark before you catch your flight home in order to take in the museum— it is well worth your time. If you have an early flight, why not spend an afternoon viewing the exhibits and stay at one of the convenient hotels near Newark Museum? Located at 49 Washington St in Newark’s downtown arts district, there are quite a few quality hotels near Newark Museum, including the Hilton Newark Penn Station, which is a very nice hotel without the Manhattan price.

If you don’t want to stay in one of the hotels near Newark Museum, but would rather commute from a Manhattan location, take the Newark Light Rail from Penn Station for the easiest commute. Get off at the Washington Park Street stop at Broad Street, then walk across the park to the Newark Museum and enjoy the exhibits, events, and attractions that make this a great place to visit.

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