Ocean City New Jersey

Many small resort towns claim to be the “best” or the “first” in some category or another in order to lure in tourists, but Ocean City New Jersey is one resort town that talks the talk and walks the (board) walk. A small city in Cape May County of Southern New Jersey, Ocean City New Jersey has been called “America’s Greatest Family Resort”, ranked “The Best Family Beach”, and has even claimed to have “invented” family fun. If you have a young family and are looking to vacation on the Jersey Shore, the Ocean City New Jersey boardwalk has a lot to offer kids, and this resort town is famous for white sand beaches. One distinctive feature of Ocean City New Jersey is that alcohol has never been legally allowed here since the town’s establishment in 1879. From the very beginning, this beach resort town (actually a barrier island) has been made for families like yours to come and enjoy. Whether you want to enjoy boardwalk attractions, relax on the beach, or enjoy fun fishing trips Ocean City New Jersey is the place for your family to visit.

Established by several religious ministers in the late 19th century, Ocean City New Jersey was meant to be a place for families to vacation free of the “temptations” of many resort towns on the Jersey Shore, such as Atlantic City. As a unique part of the Christian temperance movement, Ocean City flourished as a family getaway, and the alcohol law remains to keep this same general atmosphere alive.

The Ocean City New Jersey Boardwalk is one place you’ll want to spend some time. The 2.5 mile gorgeous stretch includes many shops, eateries, rides for kids (and big kids), and an excellent music venue, the Ocean City Music Pier. As part of Ocean City’s family fun priority, there seems to be more mini golf available on the Ocean City New Jersey boardwalk than anywhere else you can find. If you are a fan of putt-putt golf competition with the kids, look no further: loser buys ice cream or salt water taffy, which are always available within steps along the Ocean City New Jersey boardwalk.

If larger scale golf is what you are looking for, there are also many courses to be found in Ocean City. Book in advance in the summer months, because tee times are in high demand, but this can be a great activity for adults when the boardwalk rides are getting to be a bit too stomach-turning. In addition, if you are looking for fishing trips Ocean City New Jersey will accommodate your needs. If it’s a deep sea charter you are looking for, they are available for a price. Shop around and ask the friendly locals – it’s a great experience that’s even greater when you get taken for a ride on a fishing boat, but not on the price! There is also Back Bay fishing and crabbing in the area: just make sure you check on the local licensing information so you’re good and legal. When it comes to fishing trips Ocean City New Jersey is a good choice: if you choose one of the Ocean City hotels or a beach condo with a kitchenette, catch and cook a seafood feast courtesy of the Atlantic Ocean. Bring those recipes!

When you aren’t participating in any of these great things to do, or surfing Snicklefritz Reef, visit the Ocean City Historical Museum, take a self-guided walking tour of the town, or just choose one of Ocean City’s world famous beaches. Enjoy your own Ocean City day trip, or just sit back and soak up the sun, because summer lives in Ocean City New Jersey.

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