Point Pleasant Beach

The Barnegat Peninsula, which divides the Barnegat Day from Atlantic Ocean, is home to a popular seaside getaway with a charming name: Point Pleasant Beach. With a mile-long boardwalk, seaside amusements, a thriving nightlife scene, the freshest seafood, excellent beaches, great fishing, and numerous New Jersey beach hotels, a Point Pleasant Beach vacation is sure to keep everyone happy.

Many vacationers will make one of the first stops the beach in Point Pleasant. With a combination of municipal and privately run beaches, there's plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and enjoy their time. For some, the answer to a perfect day at the beach is a long walk, while for others, it's a long, lazy nap. Both active types and those who need to relax will find a good time along the beach.

Not every beach in Point Pleasant is municipally managed. Several private, pay-to-visit beaches are spread throughout the shoreline. Some of the private beaches are watched over by lifeguards and require a small entry fee, while others are unmonitored and free to visit.

The available amenities depend on which beach in Point Pleasant visitors choose; some have beach chairs for rent and changing areas. Even the beaches with little to offer but sand and surf are still a close walk to many of the town's visitor amenities, like shops, restaurants, parking lots, and even a tiki bar or two.

Beachcombers should save time for a stroll along the boardwalk. While it may not be as famous as the one connecting the Atlantic City beaches, Point Pleasant's boardwalk is still full of fun. Properly called Jenkinson's Boardwalk, it stretches a mile from the aquarium on the north end to Manasquan Inlet in the south. While people go for strolls along the boardwalk all year, the bulk of the visits happen in summer. The sweet shop, games, rides, outdoor eateries, and night club swing into high gear when the days and nights are warm.

In addition to swimming, soaking in the sun, and strolling the boardwalk, people have a lot of choices of other activities to their Point Pleasant Beach vacation. Several charter boats take anglers out in search of deep-sea catches, sightseers on scenic excursions, and party animals on party boats. Vacationers could add in a round of golf, catch a game of the Lakewood Blue Claws baseball team, or shop until their hearts are content while spending time in Point Pleasant Beach.

Surfing can be limited at Point Pleasant Beach, but it's not unheard of. After the crowds have retired to the seafood restaurants and New Jersey beach resorts, some surfers gather at the inlet as a place nicknamed the pocket. Many head to nearby Manasquan Beach, where it's easy to catch a wave.

Like many other seaside towns on the Northern Shore, such as Asbury Park, Belmar Beach, and the Highlands, Point Pleasant is home to an array of beach hotels and resorts. When it comes time to turn into for the night, vacationers of all budgets can find just the right place to relax, whether they're looking for a welcoming B&B, a modestly priced motel, or luxury accommodations.

After the sun rises again the next day, travelers can get on with Point Pleasant Beach vacation plans. The only question is: what to do first?

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