Spring Lake New Jersey

Spring Lake New Jersey is known for a variety of things, including being a great beach vacation destination. Found on the Atlantic Ocean coast in the middle part of the state, the borough, as it is called, is often labeled the "Irish Riviera" because of its numerous residents with Irish heritage. It is also a destination that helped to inspire the novel Jaws, which was written by Peter Benchley and later turned into a blockbuster movie by renowned director Steven Spielberg. In 1916, there were five shark attacks along the Jersey Shore, and one of them occurred off the Spring Lake coast. Shark attacks aren't exactly common along the Jersey Shore, so Spring Lake NJ visitors shouldn't fear the water any more than they might at any other beach destination.

In regards to its popularity as a vacation destination, Spring Lake New Jersey was once a hotspot for the rich. During the Gilded Age, many wealthy society members from the regional cities of Philadelphia and New York escaped to the seaside town, and some erected beautiful homes on ample boulevards. Some of these turn-of-the-century structures still remain, and they include the Martin Maloney Cottage and the Audenried Cottage. Both are on the National Register of Historic Places and are a delight to behold, especially if you have an interest in architecture.

The beach is definitely the main attraction in Spring Lake, and it's not hard to understand why. Running along this clean, two-mile beach is a boardwalk that is free of commercial establishments, and the beach itself is free of anything that might block the ocean views. There is a relatively relaxed vibe to the town and its beach when you compare it to some of the livelier beach resorts in the area. It definitely has a more tranquil atmosphere than Atlantic City down the coast.

When Spring Lake NJ visitors aren't hanging out at the beach and soaking up the warm summer sun, they often find themselves at the local shops and boutiques. There are more than 60 of them to choose from, and they sell anything from skin care products to home furnishings. Complementing the shops in Spring Lake are more than a dozen different restaurants, some of which double as bars. After dinner, taking in a play at the Community House can be a joy. The theater can accommodate more than 350 guests, and since productions are known to sell out with regularity, getting tickets in advance is recommended when possible.

Spring Lake New Jersey certainly has its charms, and chances are good that the town and the surrounding area can cover your interests when it comes to things to do. Both golf courses and tennis courts can be found in and around Spring Lake, and fishing is just one way to have some fun while out on the water. As for the Spring Lake NJ hotels, chances are good that they too can satisfy your wants and/or needs. It's actually difficult to find a bad hotel in Spring Lake, as the majority offer a considerable amount of quality.

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