New Jersey Car Rentals

When it comes to getting you where you want to go, New Jersey is one of the best states to visit. New Jersey transit boasts the nation’s largest statewide public transit system which uses bus, rail, and light rail systems to circulate commuters and tourists alike. For this reason, many visitors to New York City save money by flying into Newark, NJ, and using the New Jersey Transit system to ride a train right to NYC’s Penn Station. But don’t be mistaken, New Jersey trains can take you anywhere you need to go within the Garden State itself, including popular locations like Atlantic City, Ocean City, and Hoboken. If these are your locations of choice, it will be the most economic and convenient option to use New Jersey trains during your visit. If you plan to take a bed and breakfast tour through quaint towns or explore the Revolutionary War history of New Jersey, a car rental in New Jersey will be your best bet.

New Jersey Transit is the name of the organization that operates all of New Jersey’s public transportation systems, and a visit to their website prior to your New Jersey vacation is advisable in order to take full advantage of the services they offer. New Yorkers will be pleased to learn that New Jersey Transit is in the middle of constructing a speedy 2.5 hour service for New Jersey Trains from New York City to Atlantic City, making an escape to the Jersey shore destination more convenient than ever. Not surprisingly, much of this service’s funding is coming from New Jersey resorts and casinos found in Atlantic City. You will find the public transportation system and the New Jersey trains you ride to be quite efficient, clean, and well-maintained, making your trip to New Jersey that much easier for you and your family.

If you’re looking for a rental car New Jersey is ready for you as well. With outlets seemingly around every corner of virtually all of the major companies, car rental in New Jersey is not a difficult service to find. Be careful, however. When borrowing a rental car New Jersey is no exception: read your rental agreement carefully and follow the guidelines in order to protect yourself from being held responsible for anything that may happen during your car rental in New Jersey. But when you choose a rental car New Jersey will be yours for the exploring, and you can enjoy the beautiful Garden State on your schedule. A drive down to Cape May at the southern tip of the Jersey Shore can be quite exhilarating in the summer if you choose to upgrade to a convertible. But check the weather report, because when choosing a convertible rental car New Jersey unpredictable weather should be taken into consideration! If your family plans to do any New Jersey camping, a rental car may be your best choice, since hauling camping gear on New Jersey trains can be quite a hassle. To get the best rental car rates, try to distance yourself from major airports by using a shuttle, as you might find better prices and selection away from busy New Jersey airports.

Solitary or adult travelers may do well to rely on New Jersey transit options, while families may want to opt for a rental car in New Jersey. Considering the amount of things to do in New Jersey, your particular tour may call for a combination of New Jersey trains, buses, and rental cars to get you where you want to be in the Garden State.

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