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An important question to consider while planning New Jersey travel is, of course, ‘When should we go?’ Jersey tourism is so varied in the events and things to do in the Garden State that ‘anytime’ is the quick general answer. The time you choose to engage in New Jersey travel completely depends on the goal of your trip. However, some general guidelines follow.

When To Go
When To Go

New Jersey has the temperate climate of the Mid-Atlantic Eastern United States, which means the summers can be very hot and humid, and the winters can be bitterly cold with plenty of precipitation (much of it white and fluffy). If these conditions bother you, then Jersey tourism that includes outdoor activities, such as family camping vacations in New Jersey, should be avoided during the height of these seasons. Of course, early fall in New Jersey is an excellent time for Jersey tourism. During this time, family camping vacations in New Jersey can be followed by a visit to one of the early harvest festivals or fairs to be found in the Garden State.

Summer in New Jersey, however, can also be quite pleasant. If you keep to the Jersey Shore by visiting iconic destinations like Ocean City, the waves dancing on the sand will be a cool safe-haven from the hot, humid weather that can be an unwanted part of New Jersey travel. And in Atlantic City, the hotels, casinos, and world class restaurants are always air conditioned for your comfort, and are also kept cozy in the winters. A gaming trip to Atlantic City, due to the city’s availability by public transportation, should not be interrupted by unpleasant weather. Your room, the spa, and the card table are all quite safe from the elements!

If family camping vacations in New Jersey are a little more your style than upscale Atlantic City hotels, visit the Pine Barrens in late spring or early fall for all the natural beauty, hiking, and camping you and your family could want. Due to the Garden State’s close proximity to many of the U.S.’s major eastern cities, Jersey tourism in any season makes for a quick getaway for visitors to enjoy the many natural and/or manmade wonders this state contains.

New Jersey travel is especially desirable in the fall, due to the heavy number of festivals that take place during this time. The two day Chatsworth Cranberry Festival is quite worth attending in October, and is found in the beautiful Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey. The Atlantique City Megafair is held in both fall and spring, making these seasons even more desirable for Jersey tourism since it is the largest indoor antique show in the world. If you are a fan of antiques, this is your perfect excuse for a much-needed escape to Atlantic City.

New Jersey travel is advisable in any season, depending on which aspect of the Garden State you want to experience the most. If the beaches and boardwalks of the Jersey shore are drawing you, come in the early summer. If the natural, idyllic beauty found here is what entices you, then visit during fall and spring. If the museums, New Jersey resorts and casinos, or other indoor endeavors are your passion, then by all means, come at your convenience!

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