Wildwood New Jersey

Wildwood New Jersey is an excellent beach locale on the Jersey shore in southern New Jersey. Officially, Wildwood is a borough of Cape May County, New Jersey, which is located on the southern tip of the Garden State. Wildwood is, like nearby Wildwood Crest, one of five segments of The Wildwoods, a popular getaway location. No matter who you are, from young singles to retirees, Wildwood has some of the best the Jersey shore has to offer.

Unable to decide for myself, I recently asked a New Jersey local what is known as the best place to visit in New Jersey. Without hesitation, the young man said, “Wildwood!” Offering one of the only free New Jersey beaches left, the excellent Wildwood boardwalk, an unmatched nightclub scene, and countless other attractions for visitors of all ages, Wildwood might just be your best bet for a New Jersey getaway.

First things first: we all love something that’s free. The free beach here is among the best New Jersey has to offer, and a visit to Wildwood New Jersey should include plenty of time soaking up that summer sun. Choose a cute nearby bed and breakfast, hotel, or one of the New Jersey vacation rentals found here, but just make sure it is close to the beach, because the clean white sand is where you’ll want to spend your sunny days in Wildwood New Jersey.

Take a trip to the Wildwood Boardwalk if you get tired of the beach scene, because it is a known fact that there are more rides in Wildwood New Jersey than there are at Disneyland. The Wildwood boardwalk is home to many of these for young kids and thrill-seekers alike, including the wildly popular Morey"s Piers Amusement Park, along with the Raging Waters water park. Another nice water park along the Wildwood boardwalk is Splash Zone. The high quality of the attractions found here set this boardwalk apart, according to many, from the other boardwalks in New Jersey. They are all certainly worth a visit, but the rides here are surely a step up from many others.

Once the beautiful sun goes down, the nightlife in Wildwood New Jersey is truly wild! A plethora of nightclubs, bars, live music venues, and even Irish pubs set this section of the Wildwoods apart as the place for singles and couples alike to enjoy a great night on the town. Live music has quite a tradition as a part of the nightlife in Wildwood New Jersey, since Wildwood New Jersey was the place Bill Haley and His Comets first performed the hit song “Rock Around the Clock,” thought of as the first hit song in rock and roll history. Due to this distinction, many locals hail Wildwood New Jersey as the birthplace of rock and roll music. Even if Bill Haley is gone, the nightlife in Wildwood New Jersey is still rockin’! Irish Pubs like The Shamrock will provide a loud night you won’t forget. Visit the Beach House for dancing, and just follow the crowds around to all of the hotspots if dancing is your idea of a great time. Due to the party atmosphere of Wildwood, it is in stark contrast to more family-oriented spots like Ocean City. But if you want to get wild when the sun goes down, Wildwood New Jersey is the place to be this summer.

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