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The Wildwoods have always been a favorite destination when it comes to New Jersey beaches, and the borough of Wildwood (one of the five sections of the area) is right in the thick of the action. Some say rock & roll was born here. Some singles rate it as the best place for nightlife on the shore. Some families make a tradition of visiting the boardwalk for the rides and attractions.

Whatever your reason for enjoying Wildwood, lodging is a must. Finding that perfect Wildwood inn to complete your experience can be a challenge, because there are many Wildwood hotels to choose from. Perhaps Wildwood vacation rentals are more to your liking, if you want to set up your own vacation home by the beach. There are plenty of options to choose from, and even a completely unique style of Doo-Wop 1950s hotels that some Wildwood hotels are famous for. No matter what you end up going with, taking a bit of time to weigh the options will pay off when you choose a Wildwood inn.

Holly Beach Hotel Bed and Breakfast
Holly Beach Hotel Bed and Breakfast

Just like all of the towns known for New Jersey resorts, Wildwood has its fair share of bed and breakfast options. The Holly Beach Hotel Bed and Breakfast is just a good all around experience. This Wildwood Inn is a well kept refuge from the louder areas of Wildwood that house the singles that sometimes noisily make their way back to their Wildwood hotels late at night. Angel’s Sweet Dreams Bed and Breakfast has a great location, solid rates, and the food and coffee you’ll enjoy here isn’t bad either.

Riviera Motel
Riviera Motel

When it comes to Wildwood hotels, choosing between all the options can be daunting. If you are on a tight budget, The Sea Gull Motel is a classic. It has character, but it’s clean and you’ll have a good time. The Windward Hotel is also a favorite due to particularly friendly management. It is not unusual for the owners of Wildwood hotels to form bonds with their patrons who visit summer after summer, and sometimes these friendships can last for a lifetime. A step up in price and amenities includes the Riviera Motel, which is a good place to stay for the money. Wildwood hotels also include a heavy concentration of Doo-Wop Motels, which are from the 1950s era of Doo-Wop music. Just look around Wildwood and you’ll see them: they look like architectural versions of large American cars from the same era!

Some families choose to rent a vacation home for their stay in Wildwood. Wildwood family rentals are a great way to have a bit more space when you take your beach vacation, especially if there are many members in your family. Here is where the research comes in: choosing between Wildwood vacation rentals requires a little bit of research, but it will go a long way toward making your vacation great. Some tips: demand to see several pictures. In this digital age, there is no excuse for an owner of Wildwood family rentals not to email or post pictures on a website. The only reason not to post pictures is if the owner has something to hide, and you don’t want to find out what it is on day one of your beach vacation. Try to choose Wildwood vacation rentals that aren’t cluttered: you want simplicity, not dealing with someone else’s junk during your stay. Ask lots of questions, such as what items are included (silverware?). As for Wildwood family rentals, ask if the condo complex or area hosts mostly families, so that you don’t encounter a lot of noisy after-hours parties in your condo building.

Taking the time to check up on Wildwood hotels or Wildwood vacation rentals will pay off, giving you the beach getaway you’ve been working hard for.

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