New Mexico Airports

Finding a New Mexico airport that suits your traveling needs shouldn't be difficult. There are a bunch to choose from, with the largest and most popular being the main international airport in Albuquerque. From the Albuquerque International Airport, it is possible to catch connecting flights to some of the other airports in the state, and you can also consider flying direct to one of these other airports if that's what you prefer. All the main regions of New Mexico boast an airport that can accept charter flights at the least.

The Albuquerque International Airport is where most air travelers arrive, and you can find it on the southern side of the city just three miles from the central business district. This means that it doesn't take long to get to most of the Albuquerque hotels from the airport, and often times, the hotels in New Mexico's largest city offer complimentary airport shuttle service. Other ground transportation options are available at the full-service Albuquerque International Airport, and these options include car rentals. Should you have down time to fill during your visit to this main New Mexico airport, there are various eateries and shops to choose from, and you can always take advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

In addition to arriving at the Albuquerque International Airport, New Mexico visitors who are arriving by air can also consider flying to one of the state's smaller regional airports. An example of a smaller New Mexico regional airport is the Farmington Airport. More officially known as the Four Corners Regional Airport, this airport is approximately one mile from the heart of Farmington on West Navajo Drive, and you can fly there direct from a variety of other great destinations. These destinations include Phoenix, Denver, and Las Vegas. Free parking is available at the Farmington Airport should you need it, and at least three rental car companies have a presence at the terminal.

If you are planning on flying to New Mexico, a number of other regional airports are available, and they can also help you reach your intended destination in a more timely manner. You can take a connecting flight from the Albuquerque Airport to the Cavern City Air Terminal in Carlsbad when trying to get to the southeastern part of the state. Roswell also offers a southeast New Mexico airport, and it offers direct air service to and from Dallas. Should you wish to fly to the southwest part of the state, on the other hand, the Grant County Airport in Silver City receives connecting flights from Albuquerque.

No discussion about the New Mexico airports would arguably be complete without mentioning the Santa Fe Municipal Airport and the Taos Regional Airport. Both Santa Fe and Taos are among the top tourist destinations in the state, and their regional airports can come in handy when planning a visit. Of course, you can always fly into the Albuquerque International Airport and complete the trip to Santa Fe or Taos by way of car, taxi, shuttle, or something the like. Taos is approximately 130 miles from Albuquerque, while Santa Fe is only about 60 miles from the state's largest city.

Image: Paul David Gibson (flickr)

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