Albuquerque New Mexico

Albuquerque New Mexico is a tapestry of cultural centers, architecture, artwork, cuisine and ethnicity. Traditions and customs handed down from generation to generation are evident in the daily life of this vibrant southwestern city. More then 70 different ethnicities are found in Albuquerque New Mexico including Native American, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic and Latino creating an exceptional and unique community blend.

Visiting one of the many museums and cultural centers in Albuquerque New Mexico gives a good idea of the heritage and traditions encompassed in the city's history. Two cultural centers to note are the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and the National Hispanic Cultural center where history, culture and local art are intertwined. Albuquerque's Museum of Art and History gives a new perspective to the city with exhibits on the city's origins as a colonial Spanish village.

Albuquerque travel wouldn't be complete without a trip to some of the city's most visited sites. The Albuquerque Aquarium allows guests to explore aquatic habitats and features an eel-tunnel, illuminated jellies and a 285,000 gallon ocean tank where eels, sea turtles, several species of sharks co-exists together. When visiting Albuquerque travel the half or full days scenic by-way of the Jemez High Road, an alternative route to Santa Fe filled with beautiful backdrop, history and culture. Albuquerque travel wouldn't be complete without a visit to the acclaimed High Road.10 blocks of enchanting adobe buildings signify Old Town and create the heart of Albuquerque with exceptional shopping and many restaurants housed in historical a buildings around the main plaza.

Albuquerque tourism offers a range of things to do for tourists. There are many opportunities for day trips and walking tours throughout the area such as neighborhood walking tours and a stroll from downtown to Old Town. Route 66, a favorite on the Albuquerque tourism agenda, was extended through Albuquerque in 1926 and is an interesting and scenic drive that can be done independently. The city's nightlife is most active in the downtown entertainment district and includes a lively music scene, dancing, an orchestra, pubs, breweries and wine bars all clustered in an area that is easily walkable. Albuquerque tourism flourishes through the year so be sure to make any needed bookings well in advance.

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta began from a small gathering of 13 balloons in 1972 in a shopping mall parking lot and has grown into the largest balloon festival in the world. The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta occurs during the first week in October and lasts for 9 days featuring a kaleidoscopic and vivid display of hundreds of unique hot air balloons and over 1,000 pilots participating in the event. These hundreds of balloons represent over 1/3 of the world's countries and float gently over the New Mexico landscape showing off their brilliant and one-of-a-kind designs .

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is said to be the most photographed event on earth! The Mass Ascension is a spectacular sight to see as the graceful giants leave solid ground and rise up into the clarion desert sky. Thousands upon thousands of people remain awestruck by this vision, unable to contain their delight in witnessing this literally groundbreaking event. For some ballooning enthusiasts, the festival remains a pilgrimage they take year after year. Tickets currently stand at a very reasonable $6 for any person over 12 years of age and those under 12 attend the festival free of charge. Advance tickets are also available in packets of five.

Albuquerque is a colorful and often visited place which attracts thousands of visitors every year, more so than any other city in the state. From vivid and unique culture and history to impressive and exciting mountains and desert terrain there's something every visitor will enjoy. Sightseeing in Albuquerque is perhaps the best thing about the city and each year the level of hospitality by the warm and friendly locals impresses people from around the world.

Top image: Ron Behrmann

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