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Albuquerque is the most popular city to fly into when visiting New Mexico and is also a great place to be based when planning on visiting the greater area's attractions. It can be nice to have a base to move to and from as changing hotels often can end up being a hassle. Albuquerque day trips are a great way to explore the area as the city is located in central New Mexico making many attractions accessible. Depending on what you want to see and how far away from the city you're willing to go, Albuquerque day trips can take you near or far.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is very popular among Albuquerque day trips and is roughly an hour's drive north. Many of Santa Fe's attractions are located in and around the heart of the city. A leisurely walk is usually welcomed after sitting in a car for a while anyway! This one of many Albuquerque day trips can take you into the city's famed central Plaza which is dominated by the Palace of Governors, a beautiful adobe-style structure and the oldest public building in the United States. There are many interesting attractions to see in Santa Fe and a drive around the outer area of the city is also full of things to do and see.

Old Town

Albuquerque Tours & Day Trips
Albuquerque Tours & Day Trips

Another fun Albuquerque trip is walk through Old Town where many of the adobe buildings were erected 250 years ago and exemplify how the city has flourished from a small, 18th century town. From Old Town there are many other attractions within walking distance such as the Albuquerque Zoo, the Convention Center, and the Aquarium and Botanic Gardens.

Route 66

Route 66 would be another ideal Albuquerque trip as the famous route runs straight through the heart of the city as Central Avenue and is dotted with the bright neon lights of " motel row". Take a short drive westward to the opposite side of the Rio Grande River and visit the Petroglyph National Monument for an interesting Albuquerque trip into New Mexico history.

National Monuments

Day trips in Albuquerque are in abundance. Day trips in Albuquerque could include a drive over to Bandelier National Monument where pueblo ancestors built thriving communities some 600 years ago that sit amidst the canyons soaring walls. The ruins of these ancient communities can be explored today at this well preserved site. Take a drive northwest and visit Aztec Ruins National Monument, another ambitious pueblo construction dating back to1100 A.D. This massive site encompasses historical architectural ruins that reflect the lives of the pueblo and tell a fascinating story of what life was like back then. Though a bit of a longer trip to the south, The Gila Cliff Dwellings are an equally amazing site full of ancient buildings still very much intact and unfold the lives of the sacred Mogollan culture before your very eyes.

Cave Dwellers Tour

A New Mexico cave dwellers tour can be an exciting way to spend a vacation day or two. A New Mexico cave dwellers tour would include the well know Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano or "The Land of Fire and Ice". This is an experience of contrast as you walk through old Junipers and Firs over the ancient lava trail to the Ice Cave where natural layers of ice gleam green-blue in the sun's mirrored rays.

Another trail takes you around to the Bandera Volcano. A New Mexico cave dwellers tour takes visitors to the Carlsbad Caverns and area where most of New Mexico's 300 caves are found. The main section of the cave, the "Big Room" can easily be self guided and the main entrance is spectacular.

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