New Mexico Restaurants

Regional cuisine tells an important story about every area. Like curry is synonymous with India and sushi with Japan, the chile is the fruit of the pepper plant and was incorporated into New Mexico foods after the first Spanish settlements in the state. The chile is the exclusive ingredient imported from Mexico that characterizes New Mexico foods and it's no secret that New Mexicans use different varieties of chiles to spice and flavor their food until it's fiery-hot!

New Mexico foods revolve around 3 distinct cultures of the Mexican, Native American and European people. Though Southwest cuisine as a whole is often seen as very similar, New Mexico foods are quite different from those of Texas and Arizona. There are over 40,000 acres of soil being cultivated with New Mexican chiles in four states including New Mexico itself.

Though chiles are definitely one of the main staples in foods of New Mexico, there are other significant ingredients added to the regions dishes to make them distinctly New Mexican. From a handful of simple ingredients, a number of foods of New Mexico are made in cafes, restaurants and local homes. Foods of New Mexico are carefully created by adding different variations of the following ingredients; beef, pork and chicken, corn and flour tortillas, cheese, onions, pinto beans and chiles. Lots and lots of chiles!

Many ethnicities that eat fierce and flaming spicy foods normally east something that will cool the palate when necessary. Sweet and spicy, or cool and spicy offer a gastronomical balance unlike no other. The opposites offer a yin and yang of culinary delight and make the dishes that much more enjoyable. Spicy foods of New Mexico are often eaten with more cooling foods such as sour cream as a topping and lettuce and tomatoes are mixed into the dishes to create a somewhat cooling affect. When your mouth is burning a glass of milk can be just the thing to bring your senses back into symmetry.

Salsa is also a popular condiment and can be had mild, medium and hot. There are many different ways to mix up a batch of salsa and many recipes are held dear to the heart, kept top-secret and passed along from generation to generation in New Mexican families. You'll find salsa to be popular side dish at most any New Mexico restaurant you choose to eat at.

There is a dizzying variety of the New Mexican restaurant serving up dishes from the traditional assortment to international cuisine. To have the most authentic New Mexican dining experience try a genuine New Mexican restaurant. Located in Albuquerque New Mexico, El Pinto Restaurant has been serving diners since 1962. Josephine Chavex-Griggs was the cornerstone in building this restaurant to its acclaimed status today. This New Mexico restaurant serves award-winning cuisine that has been internationally noticed for being 'the flavor of New Mexico'.

Located in central Santa Fe La Casa Sena is also a highly recognized restaurant and features cutting-edge American southwestern cuisine. This New Mexico restaurant also procures a fabulous wine list and a relaxing outdoor patio. From its Green Chile Stew to its Coriander-Chimayo Red Chile Crusted Halibut, this restaurant delights and engages guest after ravishing guest.

At The Old House Restaurant in Santa Fe guests can savor award-winning contemporary American cuisine in a casual dining atmosphere. This acclaimed restaurant is a favorite among locals and offers up a unique and distinctive menu featuring delightful plate presentations in a stylish and comfortable atmosphere.

Many of New Mexico's better known restaurants reflect the unique combination of the state's diverse cultures and traditions. A visit to an acclaimed New Mexico restaurant can open the doors to a unique and gastronomically delightful experience that may very well keep you going back to try different dishes with sumptuous twists on Southwestern flavor.

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