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New Mexico events are inviting, entertaining and unique. The state is host to several different kinds of exciting festivals, celebrations and gatherings. The 9th Annual Taos Solar Music Festival in Kit Carlson Park, downtown Taos is just one of the New Mexico events definitely worth checking out. Taos itself is hailed as the 'Solar Capital of the World' and is home to many energy conserving activists and environmental leaders. It draws music lovers and eco-friendly folks from all around and is actually two different yet closely tied events that are put on simultaneously. One is the Taos Solar Music Festival, a ticketed and for-profit festival and the other is the Solar Village, which occurs side-long with the music festival. This one of many New Mexico events takes place each year around solstice and features alternative and interactive energy exhibits with an exceptional backdrop and boasts plenty of tickets available at the front gates.

Other New Mexico festivals include the Santa Fe Thirsty Ear Festival and the Santa Fe Jazz and International Music Festival. The Santa Fe Thirsty Ear Festival happens toward the end of August and beginning of July and is host to a stew of music on 3 stages such as folk, roots rock, bluegrass, country and good 'ole blues and kicks off at the renowned Eaves Movie Ranch near Santa Fe. Of all the New Mexico festivals, this one draws many musicians from all around.

When deciding which New Mexico festivals to attend you won't want to miss the equally popular Santa Fe Jazz and International Music Festival. This three-week long festival features internationally acclaimed jazz and world music artists and happens in the summer season toward the end of July.

Some other fun and exciting events in New Mexico include the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque in October, which is a colorful explosion of hot-air balloons from designers around the world.

The Whole Enchilada Fiesta is another of the fun events in New Mexico, which is held in October in Las Cruces where a chef proudly creates the biggest enchilada in the world and locals and tourists eagerly devour the massive creation! These two events in Mexico are known around the world and many tourists travel from many different regions to take part in the festivities.

The Santa Fe Film Festival is yet another of the many great festivals in New Mexico and occurs at the end of November and continues into the beginning of December. The organization promotes presents significant global film in non- commercial conditions. As far as festivals in New Mexico, this one champions New Mexican, new American and foreign film to festival-goers including favored independent creations and mini-festivals. Another of the many varied festivals in New Mexico is Globalquerque and seems to be quite favored and a definite labor of love for the promoters. Globalquerque is a really distinct world music and cultural celebration held in Albuquerque in September. The festival is host to a Global Village, which offers an assortment of food and handicrafts from around the world. There are no-cost daily activities offered for families and children during the day including crafts and live shows and workshops on music and traditional folklore. Festivals in New Mexico are attended by many locals and provide visitors a glimpse into New Mexico’s charming hospitality.

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