Farmington New Mexico

Farmington New Mexico is a wonderful place to visit for so many different reasons. This city of approximately 40,000 people serves as the main hub of northwestern New Mexico, and there is no shortage of rewarding things to do between the in-town attractions and the attractions that are found in the general region. Many visitors use the city as a base for excursions to the Navajo Reservation, which unfolds to the near west, and fantastic national monuments like the Aztec Ruins National Monument are just a short drive away. As for spending time in town, relaxing at one of the riverside parks is an option, and strolling along the quaint downtown streets can be a joy all its own. Historic buildings add extra charm to the quaint downtown area, and a healthy supply of shops and restaurants offer tantalizing diversions.

Farmington sits at the junction of three rivers, the main river of which is the San Juan. As such, it maintains a relatively lush appeal. Numerous parks have sprung up along the rivers and in Farmington in general, and they provide plenty of fun things to do between them. You can walk or bike along riverside trails, for example, and there are facilities for things such as swimming, picnicking, and playing basketball. Brookside Park, Civitan Park, and Kiwanis are just three Farmington New Mexico parks that provide recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike, and you might be interested to know that the Farmington area is home to some good golf courses. In fact, Farmington is a great New Mexico golfing destination, thanks largely in part to the Pinon Hills Municipal Golf Course. This eighteen-hole course at 2101 Sunrise Parkway ranks among the best municipal courses in the country.

Farmington New Mexico is the main shopping destination within a 100-mile radius, so shopping enthusiasts should have little trouble getting their fix while in town. Among the top places to shop are the trading posts that can be found in and around the city. These shops are primarily known for their high quality Native American arts and crafts. Complementing the trading posts that are found in the city and in the general region are antique shops and boutiques, and should you prefer hitting a mall or a flea market, there are options there as well.

When a break from shopping is order during your visit to Farmington New Mexico, getting something to eat can be tempting proposition. The Farmington restaurants offer something for virtually every taste or preference, and you can certainly indulge in authentic New Mexico cuisine while in town. New Mexico cuisine has Spanish, Mexican, and Native American influences, and as you might expect, the almighty chili pepper figures prominently.

The Farmington attractions and the attractions that are found in the general region also offer something to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. Cultural buffs can learn more about the history and culture of the region at the Farmington Museum and Gateway Center, and nearby Aztec offers an interesting history museum to go with its pioneer village. Also of interest for cultural enthusiasts who are visiting the area is Salmon Ruins & Heritage Park. The authentic ruins at Salmon Ruins offer insight into the ancestral Pueblo peoples, while adjoining Heritage Park provides insight into various past cultures through its reconstructed dwellings.

When looking for fun things to do in Farmington, you might consider a trip to nearby Navajo Lake State Park. At this popular regional park, visitors can indulge in any number of fun outdoor activities, such as fishing and camping. Also of interest is the Bisti Wilderness, which is a wilderness area that is known for its unusual scenery. Petrified rocks and strange rock formations characterize the Bisti Wilderness landscape.

Farmington visitors might also interest themselves in a side trip to the Four Corners Monument. This monument marks the only spot in the nation where four states meet, and these states are New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Side trips into the neighboring states can prove to be very alluring for Farmington visitors, it should be noted. Jump the Colorado border, for example, and it won't take long to get to Durango. Durango serves as a major hub for all kinds of outdoor activities, thanks in part to the Durango Mountain Resort.

Whatever you have in mind for your visit to Farmington New Mexico, finding lodging that suits your wants and needs shouldn't be difficult. Complementing the chain brand Farmington hotels and motels are some more unique B&Bs, and should the budget allow, there is an upscale cave dwelling for rent in Farmington. You should also know that it is possible to fly to Farmington New Mexico if you don't want to drive there. A variety of commercial airlines serve the Four Corners Regional Airport, and this airport is just one mile from Farmington's central business district.

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