Los Alamos New Mexico

Los Alamos New Mexico encompasses a vast wilderness region rich in wildlife and beautiful and austere natural scenery. A main attraction of Los Alamos New Mexico are the ample hiking trails amidst its rich geographical back country. The city sits on the Pajarito Plateau and is separated by plunging canyons that stretch up to a few hundred feet high and are circled with impressive vistas. The majority of the city is found at an altitude of over 7,500 hundred feet with the community of White Rock nestled at the base.

Los Alamos New Mexico has four evident seasons and climate ideal for outdoor activities with lots of camping and hiking to be had. Los Alamos scientists are renowned for their work on the Manhattan Project at the top secret site of their lab known as "Site Y" which was founded at the onslaught of WWII. The lab staff began designing nuclear weapons here in 1943 and since then the city has carried with it a reputation for being home to leading scientists and physicists.

When visiting Los Alamos travel 15 miles south of the city and explore Bandelier, an often visited site with vast surrounding wilderness, hiking trails, camping areas and the Bandelier Monument named after Adolph Bandelier who explored the area in the 1880's and discovered significant archaeological sites which remain to be seen in the area to date. Los Alamos travel wouldn't be complete with a trip to the city's very popular "Black Hole" where many visitors easily wile away an afternoon sorting through all the second hand goodies.17,000 square feet holds rep-owned test gear and lab supplies. The store is home to the world's biggest collection of recycled science equipment, surplus items, electronics and more and is a hit with the city's large scientific community.

When in Los Alamos travel to the Bradbury Science Museum where the main focal point is the work that goes on at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Said to be a highlight of Los Alamos, exhibits include the history of the Manhattan Project, health research and environmental studies, and displays in the latest solar, nuclear, geothermal and computer technologies.

When deciding on a Los Alamos hotel there isn't as much variety as some people might prefer but there are a number of moderately priced hotels in the area. One such Los Alamos hotel is the Best Western Hilltop Hotel which is located in downtown Los Alamos. Pleasant lodging, genuine and helpful service and more then adequate amenities define this Best Western Los Alamos hotel.

This Best Western in Los Alamos is situated close to a number of the city's attractions such as golfing, fishing and skiing, and includes an indoor sauna and spa, on-site heated pool and a hot, daily breakfast. Los Alamos has other hotels in relatively similar price ranges. When visiting the city many guests opt to stay in Santa Fe or Albuquerque because of their close proximity to Los Alamos and several other notable attractions.

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