Roswell New Mexico

The city of Roswell in New Mexico is located in the southeast area of the state and is a fairly close drive to many other popular New Mexico destinations. Roswell is 200 miles south of Albuquerque and is home to many scenic parks, golf courses, a local zoo, "bottomless" lakes, and is often referred to as "out of this world"! Other cities nearby include Carlsbad, Ruidoso and Las Cruces which is a farther drive away. Roswell is most famous for " the crash" on July 2, 1947 which most people believe to be of alien nature and one of the main things o do is explore the area of the crash site.

The Roswell UFO crash made history when an unidentified flying object crashed in the New Mexico desert near Roswell. Citizens that arrived on the scene claime to have witnessed injured and dead alien beings at the site. The Roswell UFO story lives on in Roswell history and many visitors come to the area for this reason alone. The story goes that when military personnel arrived at the scene they took the Roswell UFO craft along with the aliens and doctored a major cover-up. For many years the Roswell UFO story has been perpetuated by many but the evidence has been fairly inconclusive as to what actually happened on that infamous day in the desert.

The people of Roswell New Mexico have been awaiting a release of official documentation that relates to the UFO crash site and also film footage which is said to show military personnel dissecting two of the dead alien bodies in 1947. As you can imagine there are many claims for and against the alien story.

The Roswell New Mexico Record wrote an article about the crash on July 8, 1974. Interestingly the article went on to explain that the intelligence at the Roswell Army Field did actually announce that they had taken possession of a flying saucer. The information that was officially released claimed that the flying saucer was found at a ranch in the vicinity of Roswell New Mexico after someone had called the sheriff's department. After the UFO was recovered and inspected it was flown from Roswell New Mexico to a higher facility for a more complete examination. The situation instantly became of national interest.

Though the UFO crash is what made Roswell famous worldwide, when visiting Roswell New Mexico there are plenty of other things to do and see. One event pertaining to the crash is the UFO Festival that happens every year for a few days in July. The festival encompasses a carnival, food and drink vendors, cooling stations, a night parade, guest celebrities, an "Alien Invasion" and everything else of alien nature one can think of! If visiting Roswell New Mexico around September the Pinatafest Cultural Celebration is a fun event that occurs every year on the second Friday in September and goes on all weekend long. The event includes live Mexican entertainment, cooking contests, a Saturday parade and Mariachi Mass on Sunday.

Nearby attractions include The Bottomless Lakes State Park in Roswell are only bottomless in name but well worth checking out when visiting Roswell New Mexico. The area is rimmed by a high, red escarpment with seven small lakes amid them. Car rentals are a preferred way for visitors to see the are making transportation easy and convenient. Lea Lake has a beach and swimming and visitors can skin dive, fish, camp and hike the network of trails. Spring River Zoo, New Mexico's only free admission zoo, is located in Roswell and features exotic and native birds and animals.

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