Route 66 New Mexico

The historic and legendary Route 66 New Mexico or "The Mainstreet of America" is an important American cultural icon and is one of America's most storied highways. The route has seen young and old alike taking the highway to get somewhere or simply because it's a destination in itself. Route 66 New Mexico is a special place along the famed interstate and provides abundant lodging and dining for visitors. The favored mode of transportation for visitors is by car allowing for stops anytime along the drive. Nearby attractions on Route 66 in Albuquerque are Old Town in the heart of the city, Albquerque Aquarium and Santa Fe among many others.

Route 66 New Mexico offers a generous glimpse into the state's unique and interesting way of life and along the roadside are old trading posts, historic Route 66 era hotels and motels and restored old gas stations true to the time when Route 66 was established. Not only does Route 66 New Mexico offers a glance into history but there are beautiful mountains and backdrops like postcards along the road as well. All along the road there are Route 66 attractions, acres and acres of ranch land, Indian Reservations, and historic Pueblo communities that are rich in history and tell a story through sight and without words.

Route 66 attractions run all along the famed highway and many original buildings and areas have been restored and preserved as close as possible to what they once were back in the day. Route 66 attractions in New Mexico are plenty. The Blue Swallow Motel along Route 66 Tucumcari has been a fixture on the byway since it was first established in 1939 and is currently being restored by its proud new owners. The rooms are small but well kept and the motel boasts it restored and illuminated Blue Swallow Motel neon sign. The town of Tucumcari is still flourishing and offers the Route 66 traveler navigator a glimpse into the true nature of road. The Tee Pee Trading Post is another of the Route 66 attractions and started out as a gas station selling groceries, gas, meats and curios. The now restored neon signs dotting the motel back-roads remain ultimately appealing to all the roadside wayfarers.

Route 66 history dates back to November 11, 1926. Its origins ran 2,448 miles from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles. The road encompassed other already existing bits and pieces of road which all came together as the infamous Route 66. Over the years several different roads were added to, and taken away from the main route. In 1946, after any years of famous stories and anecdotes about the road, Bobby Troup wrote the now very famous tune called "Get your Kicks on Route 66'. This has become the slogan now synonymous with Route 66 history and known around the world. The route was extended from Los Angeles and now ends in Santa Monica. Route 66 history n 1985 the main road was officially decommissioned as a federal highway by public demand as states that the old road deteriorated after WWII yet 85% of the road is still completely drivable. Most of the road was replaced by 5 interstate highways yet many adventurous travelers still opt to drive the old scenic route for a taste of history and adventure.

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