Santa Fe New Mexico

Santa Fe New Mexico encompasses a very rich cultural history dating back to the 1500's. In the days of the Wild Wild West, the town was so remote that a railway had to be built in 1880 to connect it to the rest of the U.S. Santa Fe New Mexico is the oldest capital in North America and is also well known in the region for its culture, civilization and it's very intriguing architecture. Santa Fe New Mexico is famous for it's Spanish-Pueblo style of architecture which can be found all over the area. The building style is based on the adobe (straw and mud) and wood construction of the past. When surrounded by the architecture it's not unlike a sort of fantasy land because of the angles used in the designs.

Construction of the Santa Fe Railroad started in the mid-1800's and opened to traffic in 1864. It was charted as the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad and construction continued until it actually reached Santa Fe in 1880. As the railroad achieved several smaller lines construction continued. In the early 1890's the 90000 mile track of Sante Fe Railroad, with its connections to Los Angeles and Chicago became one of the longest railway structures in the world.

The Santa Fe Railroad went bankrupt after the combination of the depression in 1893 and a dividend policy many saw as brash an instigated with little caution. By the 1900's the railroad increased its ownership of land and the railway extended another few thousand miles stretching to a total of 13,000 long miles of railroad .The Santa Fe Pacific Corporation merged with the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1995 and was newly named the Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway.

Ski Santa Fe is established at the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Ski Santa Fe is only 16 miles from the center of historic Santa Fe New Mexico. The base elevation of Ski Santa Fe is 10,350 feet and its no wonder why skiers of all levels return year after year to cruise down steep bump runs, torrents of groomers and snow-filled channels. The newest addition in lifts at Ski Santa Fe is called the "New Millennium Triple Chair" bringing the lift total to 7 which trades too much waiting time for more skiing time! In the area there are plenty of hotels, lodges, B&B's and resorts and spas in a range of prices to choose during Santa Fe vacations. Ski Santa Fe also has an on-site cafe and bar and grill where you can enjoy a casual meal or drink..

Santa Fe vacations are popular among tourists all year round. Any wine aficionado will enjoy a trip to Santa Fe vineyards, only 20 miles north of Santa Fe on the highway to Taos. The facility offers a gift shop, a picnic area and two tasting rooms where guests can sip award winning wines. The Loretto Chapel is a noted attraction on during Santa Fe vacations and its truly mysterious spiral staircase keeps visitors intrigued and guessing. The physics of the staircases construction, with no visible means of support and the identity of its designer are the two mysteries that highlight the Loretto Chapel.

Canyon Road used to be a residential area for early settlers of the area is now a well-known attraction in Santa Fe. The two mile expanse of road is now lined with art galleries, shops and restaurants and is definitely worth visiting.

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