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New Mexico spas have been increasing in number in recent years, and you might be interested to know that this Southwestern state boasts more than its fair share of hot springs. Most of the spas in New Mexico are found in and around Santa Fe, with nearby Jemez Springs being a fine destination for those who wish to soak in soothing hot springs. These aren't the only destinations that cater to spa enthusiasts, however, so weighing the various options is recommended.

New Mexico offers something for everyone, and if you like to be pampered, it can certainly be a wonderful place to escape to. Spas and hot springs can be found in relatively good number across the state, and should you please, you can look to book a stay at one of the state's spa resorts. The best New Mexico spa resorts include such gems as the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa, which is found outside of Albuquerque at 1300 Tuyuna Trail in Santa Ana Pueblo. As is true of many New Mexico spas, the spa at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa offers native-inspired treatments that feature regional elements, such as mud from the area mountains.

Another resort that figures among the best New Mexico spa resorts is the La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa. Its spa is definitely one of the best Santa Fe spas, and should you be fortunate enough to secure one of the sumptuous guest units, you will have things such as premium spa toiletries and soft bathrobes to take advantage of. This spa is located at 330 East Place Avenue, and this means that a short walk is all that is needed to get to a wide collection of shops, museums, and restaurants.

The Albuquerque spas and the spas in Santa Fe aren't only ones that are affiliated with luxury hotels. There are also independent day spas, and they are not to be overlooked when looking for places to pamper yourself on a New Mexico vacation. As for other New Mexico destinations that are known for their pampering possibilities, they include Taos, Jemez Springs, and Truth or Consequences. Taos is home to the enticing El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa, for example, and Jemez Springs boasts the historic Jemez Springs Bath House.

As is true of Jemez Springs, Truth or Consequences is a destination that is known for its hot springs and its bath houses, so you might keep it in mind as well when looking for places to pamper yourself in New Mexico. Interestingly enough, Truth or Consequences used to be named Hot Springs. The name of the city was changed in 1950, and the move was intended to bring attention to the city. A popular radio and TV show that was called Truth or Consequences promised that any city that changed its name to such would be the site for the program's tenth anniversary broadcast. As you might suspect, the new name has generated protests among residents, though it has managed to stick for more than 50 years.

Image: Santa Fe CVB / Doug Merriam
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