New Mexico Car Rentals

When planning a holiday away from home there are many things to consider to make your trip a fun and relaxing one without all the headaches of last minute decisions. How you will get from A to B during your holiday is definitely an important factor. When deciding on a car rental New Mexico has many options available for visitors but the choices can become overwhelming. If deciding that the best way to go is a car rental New Mexico accessibility becomes that much easier. You don't have to consider time schedules of buses and trains but merely grab and map, hop in your car and begin exploring! When choosing to go with a car rental New Mexico has many options for rental agencies.

A Few Things to Consider Before Renting a Vehicle

1. Often major credit cards will cover car rental insurance and will save you a bundle in fees. If you possess any major credit cards inquire as to whether they offer the car insurance option before you opt for insurance with the rental agency.

2. Make sure to read the rental agreement very carefully so you know exactly what the rate you are paying covers. If the rate seems too good to be true, often it is. The money you might save could be eaten up with other charges that might not be made known to you before you rent the car.

3. Be sure to be in possession of the confirmation number of your rental agreement before you leave to pick up the car.

The New Mexico Rail Runner is a commuter rail system serving the municipal region of Albuquerque New Mexico with a second phase planned for 2008 linking to Santa Fe. The New Mexico Rail Runner service was launched on July 14, 2006 and uses a zone-based fare system so the amount you pay for your rail ticket is based on the distance you travel. When riding the New Mexico Rail Runner, travel within 1 zone the cost is $1USD, within 2 zones the cost is $2USD and so on. You can choose between one-way tickets, daily, monthly or annual passes. Reduced rates apply as follows; senior citizens age 65 and over, students between ages 10 and 18, people with disabilities and children under the age of 10 ride free! The current route in phase 1 travels from Sandoval County 47 miles south to Belen, New Mexico.

Another option and a fine way to travel is to consider a company which deals with New Mexico luxury rental cars. New Mexico luxury rental cars can be found in many varieties with the most common being luxury sedans such as a Lincoln Town car or a Cadillac model. These New Mexico luxury rental cars often come with many extra features that an average rental car would not have but at an added price. Some features that might be included in a affluent rental include air conditioning, supercharged engine, superior comfort , leather interior and dual climate zones. If you're the kind of traveler who likes to explore in comfort and likes that little bit extra, a luxury car rental could be just the thing.

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