Binghamton New York

Binghamton is a city in New York that is best known for Binghamton University and for being the birthplace of IBM. Once you look past the business district, however, you’ll find a variety of interesting New York attractions that make for a memorable Binghamton vacation.

Binghamton New York dates back to the year 1792, when a wealthy man from Philadelphia named William Bingham bought the land. It was settled ten years later and officially became a city in the year 1867. Binghamton New York is nicknamed the Parlor City because it contains so many stately mansions. Binghamton is a two hour drive to the Catskill Mountains and a one hour drive to Syracuse.

Binghamton travel is made popular by the attractions that the city offers. The Ross Park Zoo, located at 60 Morgan Road, consists of a 90 acre grassy park with 150 different kinds of animals. The family friendly zoo offers everything needed for a successful Binghamton vacation, including live demonstrations, dozens of ice cream stands, and wide paved trails. Visitors can do some shopping at the zoo"s gift shop.

A Binghamton vacation usually includes a stop at the Roberson Museum and Science Center. The museum offers both permanent and temporary exhibits on various topics such as the history of immigration in the United States. If you’re taking a Binghamton vacation during the summer, the museum offers occasional outdoor showings of popular science related films during the evenings. Children under four are admitted for free. The museum is open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sunday from noon until 5 p.m. and on Friday from noon until 9 p.m..

Visitors should take time out of their Binghamton vacation to visit the Phelps Mansion and Museum, a Victorian home built by Hon. Isaac G. Perry, architect of the Albany Capitol building. The interior features tall ceilings, elegant chandeliers, and Victorian-style black walnut, rosewood, and oak wood throughout. The museum regularly features events such as wine tastings and rummage sales, and offers tours throughout the day. Admission to the museum is free for children and has a reasonable fee for adults.

The best time for Binghamton travel is during the spring, when temperatures are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or in October when the trees display brilliantly colored red and orange leaves. Since Binghamton contains a large college campus, you can usually find inexpensive lodging for your Binghamton vacation near the University. Even if your Binghamton travel experience is brief, you won’t be disappointed with what the city has to offer.

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